Tampa Bay Prospect Ratings Updated

By Megan Sexton

Dimitry Afanasenkov (6.5) If Ramzi Abid can up his scoring in Springfield, why can’t

Nikita Alexeev (7.5) Proving to be more of a project than anticipated. Might have had a
semi-regular spot had it not been for Jimmie Olvestad.

Evgeni Artukhin (6) Size & speed will eventually get him in the line-up, lack of offensive
talent will relegate him to a checking line.

Henrik Bergfors (4.5) Mr. Irrelevant seems to be making very relevant steps in the right

Mathieu Biron (7) Getting decent time in the NHL due to injuries.

Josef Boumedienne (6.5) Stuck in a traffic jam, but has seen decent time because of

Anton But (7.5) Won fastest skater at a recent all-star exhibition and dominated in the

Martin Cibak (5.5) Has yet to regain level of play we say while paired with Nils Ekman in
Detroit last year.

Brian Eklund (6.5) It will take time on a decent team to show Eklund’s true value.

Matt Elich (3.5) Stick a fork in him… Lack of desire/effort/improvement will soon prove
the end of Elich.

Art Femenella (5) Can we say Penalty Minutes…amongst the league leaders, but has
added 8 points to up his value.

Aaron Gionet (4) Heart & toughness only get you so far…

Sasha Goc (6.5) Losing out on NHL ice time to Boumedienne & Biron.

Johan Hagglund (4.5) Hasn’t made much of am impact in the 2nd tier league this season.

Andreas Holmqvist (7.5) Doing well in second tier league, hopefully will be in SEL next

Mike Jones (5) Chances dwindling due to pre-season injury and recent acquisitions.

Sheldon Keefe (7) Love him … Hate him … Love him …

Evgeny Konstantinov (7.5) Georgie needs to get it together… fast!

Kyle Kos (3) See Matt Elich…SayBye-Bye

Kristian Kudroc (7) NHL ice has been a distant memory, but is making the most of his
time in Springfield.

Mikko Kuparinen (5) Fairing well in the ECHL, but has a lot of work to do fast if he hopes
to make it any further.

Michal Lanicek (5.5) Needs to work hard to get back to the ECHL.

Aaron Lobb (6) Knee injury is a huge blow to crucial development time. Will have to
work twice as hard in the next few seasons to show mgmt he is contract worthy.

Paul Lynch (6.5) Has yet to show his offensive potential, but is playing well defensively.

Dennis Packard (5.5) Halfway through the season, has already passed last seasons point

Alexander Polushin (7.5) Excellent showing at WJC.

Marek Priechodsky (6) Has a long way to go, but it making huge strides.

Ivan Rachunek (5) Having a career season.

Erkki Rajamaki (4) Not much chance of making it out of Finland

Pavel Sedov (3.5) Marginal skating and numbers will keep him in Russia.

Vitali Smolyninov (5) Skating gives him a heads up, but with so many Europeans, someone
isn’t going to make it.

Ilja Solarev (4) Knock on skating is a huge mark against him.

J.F. Soucy (5) Has the assets, now has to put up the numbers

Alexander Svitov (8) Will be fine as long as he gets decent ice time, and keeps his saliva to

Jeremy Van Hoof (5) Skating MUST improve before he moves to a higher level.

Thomas Ziegler (3.5) Though, a zero would not be out of line. He is DONE.

Chad Schnarr & Pete Choquette contributed to this story.