WJC: Interview with Lars Jonsson

By pbadmin

HF: Sweden just finished the game vs Slovakia 2-2 after being down 2-0 later in the third period. What is your view on the match?

Jonsson: We had most of the play but couldn’t score. I’m glad that in the end we could finally convert the many power plays we had.

HF: What about the remainder of the tournament for Team Sweden?

Jonsson: Well with the knockout system there in the quarter finals you have to take it game by game there. My hopes are for a medal, but one bad game and you’re out of contention. First though we face the Czech Republic in our final group match and that will be an important game for us.

HF: What are your personal goals at this WJC?

Jonsson: I try to play as good as I can of course. I know there are a lot of scouts here, but I am here to perform with Sweden, not just for myself. I want to help the team as much as possible.

HF: How do you see your future? Will you move to North America soon?

Jonsson: I don’t know. I take it year by year and see how things go. I don’t think about it too much really.

HF: Your club team, Leksands, has many players in this WJC squad. How come they always have such good young players?

Jonsson: Hard to tell. Leksands is a popular place to go to for kids. They take good care of you with school as well.

HF: Leksands is currently playing in the 2nd league. Will you promote to the Elitserien this year?

Jonsson: That is our big goal for sure. I really hope we succeed.

HF: However if Leksands won’t promote, will the players be willing to play another season in the 2nd division?

Jonsson: I don’t know. The players love the team and the town, but of course they also want to play at the highest level as possible. We’ll have to see what happens after the season I suppose.

HF: How would you describe your strengths and weaknesses in your game?

Jonsson: I think i am a good skater and I have a good shot. My positional play in the defensive zone should be better though. I should take more care of taking out my guy in my zone of the ice.

HF: You were drafted 7th overall by the Boston Bruins. Did that surprise you?

Jonsson: Oh yes, I was very surprised to be picked that high. That has been the biggest success in my career so far for sure.

HF: And are you happy with the team that drafted you?

Jonsson: Yes I am. The team is doing well this year and I also heared Boston is a very nice city.

HF: What’s your favourite NHL team?

Jonsson: I don’t have one absolute favourite NHL team. I follow Boston a bit more now of course, but I mainly watch specific players. Of course Boston had the great Ray Bourque who I admire very much and I like Niklas Lidstrom a lot as well. You could say he’s my idol. He’s one of the best defensemen in today’s game.

HF: What are your hobbies besides hockey?

Jonsson: I like playing golf. It is very relaxing and fun. In the summer I play it a lot together with some other players. In the winter there’s not so much to do. Then I hang out a lot with friends and family.

HF: Finally, you weren’t at home with family and friends during Christmas and newyear. Did you celebrate it at all?

Jonsson: With Christmas we had a little party with the team. Everyone had bought gifts for each other and one player was dressed up as Santa Claus. That was fun. I received a little bear and a book about hockey, but it’s in Czech so I’m not sure I can understand it, haha. With new year we probably don’t do much because we have got a game the next day. We will probably go outside to watch some fireworks and then go to bed.

HF: Lars, thank you for this interview and we wish you a good luck and a happy new year.