Calder Corner for the Week Ending 01/20

By HF Staff

The Calder Corner

Scoring an astounding 7 points in 3 games, Ilya Kovalchuk runs away from the pack and takes home yet another Calder Corner HF Prospect of the Week.

4 Games
McDonald: 1 Goal (4), 2 Assists
ATL 3 Games
Heatley: 1 Goal (17), 3 Assists
Kovalchuk: 3 Goals (22, 23, 24), 4 Assists
Tjarnqvist: 1 Assist
BOS 3 Games
Boynton: 1 Goal (3)
CAL 3 Games
Begin: 1 Assist
CAR 3 Games
Cole: 1 Goal (12), 2 Assists
COL 3 Games
Willsie: 1 Assist
Vrbata: 1 Goal (5), 1 Assist
Detroit Red Wings 4 Games
Datsyuk: 2 Goals (7,8), 2 Assists
Edmonton Oilers 4 Games
Markkanen: 1 Game, 19 Shots, 16 Saves (3-1-0)
Florida Panthers 3 Games
Ference: 1 Assist
Hagman: 1 Goal (4)
Dagenais: 1 Goal (4)
Los Angeles Kings 3 Games
Mair: 1 Goal (1)
Montreal Canadiens 4 Games
Riberio: 1 Goal (8), 1 Assist
Nashville Predators 4 Games
Erat: 1 Goal (6), 1 Assist
New Jersey Devils 3 Games
Berglund: 1st NHL Goal (1), 2 Assists
New York Islanders 3 Games
Kiprusoff: 1 Assist
New York Rangers Blackburn: 1 Game, 24 Shots, 22 Saves
St Louis Blues 3 Games
Khavanov: 1 Goal (2), 1 Assist
Varlamov: 1 Assist
Toronto Maple Leafs 3 Games
Ponikarovsky: 1 Goal (1)
Washington Capitals 4 Games
Peat: 1 Assist

As a general rule, I will always list goals and assists and other noteworthy stats. If there is more to be noted, HF encourages our readers to talk about them below!

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1.A Prospect that has played 41+ games in NHL or 65+ games in two seasons is not a prospect anymore. A Prospect may sit on the graduated list until he has played 100 games in the NHL.

2.A Goalie prospect that has played 20+ games in NHL or 30+ games in two years has graduated.

3.A Prospect that has played 240+ games in AHL/IHL/ECHL is graduated.

4.Goalies that have played 4 seasons in the AHL/IHL/ECHL are considered graduated.

5.A Prospect that is over 24 is not a prospect anymore, with the exception of players who played in college

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7.Any European goalie that has played 4 seasons in Elite leagues is no longer prospects or is considered graduated from a team page.

8.If a European or North American player has a combo of Elite/AHL/IHL/ECHL 100+ elite games and 125+ AHL/IHL/ECHL games or 225 combined. If they go over these criteria, they are no longer considered prospects or have become graduated players from the team pages.

9.Any European or North America goalie that has a combination of 4 seasons of Elite or AHL/IHL/ECHL league play, they are no longer considered prospects or have become graduated players from the team pages.