Interview with Brian Sutherby

By Robert Neuhauser

One of the top Canadian players at the WJC in the Czech Republic was Moose Jaw Warriors forward
Brian Sutherby. The Washington Capitals prospect had a taste of the NHL at the very beginning
of this season. After that he was sent to the Moose Jaw Warriors again but is still a player
to count on in the Capitals future.

When did you start playing hockey?

This was when I was about four years old. I started skating and soon after that also
play hockey.

Where did you start playing the game?

I was born in Edmonton and this was the place where I started playing.

Who brought you to the game?

My dad, he loves the game very much even if he didn’t play. He taught me skating and gave
me the first tips.

Your favorite NHL team?

Before I was drafted by the Washington Capitals it was the Edmonton Oilers team. As an Edmonton
native I was a big Oilers fan, but now definitely a Washington Capitals fan.

What is your biggest success in hockey so far?

Playing the first NHL game was an unbelievable feeling, something I never forget. Definitely
my biggest success, it’s a dream coming true. The second thing would be making the
Canadian WJC team and the silver medal we won in the Czech Republic.

But how did you feel when you were sent to the Moose Jaw Warriors after the first NHL

It was very tough for me, I wanted to stay for the whole season, of course. But now I have
a clear goal, to get back as soon as I can. I just have to keep working, things will work
out then.

How was your relationship to new Caps star Jaromir Jagr?

I have to say only good things about Jaromir. He is really a good guy, very amazing. He helped
me at the camp and he is an unbelievable player.

Who is your hockey role model?

Growing up in Edmonton, I watched local hero Mark Messier a lot and tried to be like
him. I think that “Mess” is totally great, one of the best players in the game ever.
He was my role model since childhood.

Do you have a favorite number you like to wear on your jersey?

Yeah, I prefer the number 14.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

I think that I’m an all-round player, I just concentrate on every part of the game. I like
to play the ‘hit-and-score’ style, that suits me well.

Have you had any serious injury in your previous career?

Yeah, I had trouble with my shoulder in the past. I also had appendicitis, but is no hockey
injury, of course.

Your plans for the near future?

Definitely, finishing my WHL career well, work out hard during the summer in be in shape
for the Capitals camp and then try to crack the Capitals lineup. I have experience from
the previous camp which should help me and I want to play a full season for the Caps.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to hang out with my friends, watch some movies on TV and stuff like that. Just
relax a bit.

Your hockey dreams?

Playing for the Washington Capitals and have a good NHL career.

And what would you do if you wouldn’t be a hockey player?

I would like to be a sports agent or something like that. If not agent, then I would probably
have a restaurant, I would enjoy it!