German Olympic Roster

By Oliver Janz


Goalies (Nr., Name, Age, Team, Fast Facts):

#33 Marc Seliger (27, Nürnberg Ice Tigers), former Washington Capitals Draft Pick
#80 Robert Müller (21, Adler Mannheim), Washington Capitals Draft Pick 2001
#47 Christian Künast (30, München Barons)


#13 Christoph Schubert (19, München Barons), Ottawa Senators Draft Pick 2001
#84 Dennis Seidenberg (20, Adler Mannheim), Philadelphia Flyers Draft Pick 2001
#6 Jörg Mayr (32, Kölner Haie)
#31 Andreas Renz (24, Kölner Haie)
#12 Mirko Lüdemann (28, Kölner Haie), signed a 5 year contract extension yesterday. Suffered an injury and could be replaced.
#10 Christian Ehrhoff (19, Krefeld Pinguine), San Jose Sharks Draft Pick 2001
#41 Daniel Kunce (30, Krefeld Pinguine)


#7 Marcel Goc (18, Schwenninger Wild Wings), San Jose Sharks Draft Pick 2001
#81 Mark MacKay (37, Schwenninger Wild Wings)
#26 Daniel Kreutzer (22, Kassel Huskies), Overage Prospect for Draft 2002
#18 Andreas Loth (29, Kassel Huskies)
#49 Klaus Kathan (25, Kassel Huskies)
#21 Stefan Ustorf (28, Adler Mannheim), NHL-Games for Washington Capitals
#44 Len Soccio (34, Hannover Scorpions), best German DEL-Scorer
#16 Wayne Hynes (32, Adler Mannheim)
#20 Jürgen Rumrich (33, Nürnberg Ice Tigers)
#27 Tobias Abstreiter (31, Kassel Huskies)
#83 Jan Benda (29, AK Bars Kazan/Russia), NHL-Games for Washington Capitals
#85 Martin Reichel (28, Nürnberg Ice Tigers), brother of NHL-Player Robert Reichel and Edmonton Oilers Draft Pick
#75 Andreas Morczinietz (23, Augsburger Panther), DEL-Shootingstar


G Olaf Kölzig (Washington Capitals)
F Jochen Hecht (Edmonton Oilers)
F Marco Sturm (San Jose Sharks), Sturm will join the roster to play the first game against slovakia. Due to this fact, one nominated forward will be kicked out five days before the tournament starts.

– Zach didn’t name Kölzig, Hecht (and Sturm) to the roster for the first round. They will join the team if they promote to the next round.

No shows:

D Sascha Goc (Springfield Falcons) – didn’t impress the national team officials in the last weeks.
D Uwe Krupp (Detroit Red Wings) – injured
D Sven Butenschön (Hamilton Bulldogs) – not eligible due to IIHF-rules.
D Jochen Molling (Kassel Huskies) – injured
D Heiko Smazal (München Barons) – injured
D Erich Goldmann (Moskitos Essen) – candidate for a call up to replace an injured defender.
F Thomas Greilinger (Nürnberg Ice Tigers) – maybe, he will be back in the WC-team.
F Thomas Daffner (Kassel Huskies) – replaced by Morczinietz
F Vitalij Aab (Nürnberg Ice Tigers) – problems after a tremendous start in the season.
F Eric Dylla (Augsburger Panther) – playing style like Benda, Zach decided to name Benda.
F Fabian Brännström (Adler Mannheim) – member of the awesome Olympic Qualification line with Kathan and Soccio. Not good enough in this season.
F Robert Hock (Revier Löwen Oberhausen) – discussions will start … but, the truth is: Hock is one of the best German forwards in the DEL. More a technical player than a fighter. A total offensive player without defensive skills. And also without the international breakthrough. He got the chance at the Deutschlandcup, impressed coach Hans Zach, but didn’t impress him much. All German Forwards have to do their “homework” in their own zone, too – that’s the way to the success for a German team. The decission to go to Salt Lake City without Hock should be right. You don’t need the best player’s, you need the best team.


Other “German Players” at the Olympic roster’s (Preliminary roster’s):


D Martin Ulrich (Düsseldorfer EG)
D Dominic Lavoie (Hannover Scorpions)
D Gerhard Unterluggauer (Schwenninger Wild Wings)
F Christoph Brandner (Krefeld Pinguine)
F Simon Wheeldon (München Barons)
F Martin Hohenberger (Revier Löwen Oberhausen)


G Andrej Mezin (Berlin Capitals)
G Leonid Fatikov (Kassel Huskies)
D Aliaksandr Makrytzki (Revier Löwen Oberhausen)
D Sergej Stas (Krefeld Pinguine)
F Vasilij Pankov (Augsburger Panther)
F Victor Karatchoun (Heilbronner EC)
F Andrei Kovalev (Revier Löwen Oberhausen)


D Atvars Tribuncovs (Berlin Capitals)
F Vyacheslav Fanduls (Berlin Capitals)
F Aleksanders Kercs (Berlin Capitals)


F Vadym Slivchenko (Frankfurt Lions)
F Igor Chibirev (Hannover Scorpions)
F Valentyn Oletsky (EV Füssen)


F Stephane Barin (Krefeld Pinguine)