Hamilton Bulldogs Mid-Season Report

By AHL Report Staff

Hamilton Bulldogs Mid-Season Report Card

As the Bulldogs progress through the 2001-2002 season, we have seen them
shake off a poor start to become the AHL’s most dominant team and then
we have seen them falter again since Christmas. In this report, we’ll
take a quick look at the players currently on the Hamilton roster and
how they have fared thus far.
NOTE: Players with 10 or fewer games played have been omitted. Stats
accurate as of Jan. 23, 2002.


30 Ty CONKLIN – Plays well until he gives up a bad goal, then usually
gives up another bad one shortly after. Needs to work on puck-handling
and mental toughness. Current record stands at 8-5-4 with a 2.57 GAA and
a save percentage of 0.916. GRADE: B-

35 Marc LAMOTHE – Very solid in net. Gives up a softie once in a while,
but generally makes up for it by saving the Bulldogs asses late in the
game. A little too “floppy.” Current record is 14-10-2 with a GAA of
2.34 and a 0.923 save percentage. GRADE: A


4 Ales PISA – Reads plays well both offensively and defensively. Not
afraid to jump into the rush, but knows enough to peel off and get back
into position if things don’t look right. Current stats are 4-8-12 in 29
GP, rating of +7. GRADE: B+

5 Chris HAJT – Good defensive awareness, but needs to play with more of
a physical edge. Can’t seem to figure out what the word “offense” means.
Current stats are 2-2-4 in 21 GP, +/- rating is even. GRADE: C-

6 Alex HENRY –> Plays hard and skates well, using his size (6′ 5″, 220
lbs.) to his advantage. Can contribute offensively, but needs to unleash
his shot more often than he does. Current stats: 3-6-9 in 37 GP, leads
Hamilton defense with a +13 rating. GRADE: B

7 Jan HORACEK – Plays a very physical game, works well along the boards.
Needs to curb his tendency to take bad penalties. Current stats: 0-5-5
in 29 GP, +/- rating is even. GRADE: C-

21 Marc-AndrĂ© BERGERON – Stickhandles well, but is very weak defensively
and has shown little offensive flair. Current stats: 0-9-9 in 31 GP,
rating of +3. GRADE: F

32 Alain NASREDDINE – Strong defensively and has begun to show more
offensive awareness than in the past. Like Horacek, needs better
self-control. Current stats: 5-7-12 in 46 GP, rating of +12. GRADE: B-

33 Alexei SEMENOV – The best skater in the Hamilton defense corps. Needs
to work on upper-body strength to be more assertive in front of the net.
Works well along the boards. Current stats: 3-8-11, +7 in 45 GP. GRADE: C+

36 Sven BUTENSCHON – The most well-rounded Hamilton defender. Skates
well, plays physical, but disciplined hockey and chips in offensively on
a regular basis. Current stats: 6-23-29, +11 in 43 GP. GRADE: A


10 Kevin BROWN – Consistent offensive threat, but also defensive
liability. Does not use teammates well (solo rushes on the PP?!?).
Current stats: 18-25-43 in 39 games played, rating of -3. GRADE: B

17 Jason CHIMERA – Equally good defensively as offensively; does
anything the team needs him to do from PK to PP to banging, crashing and
fighting. Current stats: 16-31-47, +17 in 43 GP. GRADE: A+

18 Peter SARNO – Very good vision, but all too often stops a rush to
look for someone to pass to; does not play well in traffic, though he
has been hitting a little more of late. Current stats: 8-24-32, +6 in 46

19 Craig REICHERT – Primarily a checking forward, but shows decent
puck-handling skills and lots of grit. Not a fighter, but a “battler.”
Current stats: 10-12-22, rating of -5 in 45 GP. GRADE: C

20 Greg LEEB – Solid PK’er and chips in occasionally on offense, but
does little else. Very easily pushed off the puck due to his small size.
Current stats: 8-10-18 and a -15 rating in 47 GP. GRADE: D

22 Brian SWANSON – Very potent offensive threat as long as he has
skilled wingers; below-average face-off man. Current stats: 25-31-56,
+25 in 45 games played. GRADE: A-

24 Jani RITA – Outstanding skater; creates many offensive chances on
speed alone. Forechecks with gusto. Current stats: 18-12-30 in 46 games,
+/- rating is even. GRADE: B+

25 Fernando PISANI – Ethan Moreau with hands. Drives the net regularly,
but needs to bulk up his 6’1″ frame to become more of an obstacle
(currently 185 lbs.). Current stats: 16-25-41 and +18 in 46 GP. GRADE: B-

27 Michael HENRICH – Rebounding from a horrible 00-01 season by paying
as much attention to defense as offense. Great shot; accurate. Current
stats: 9-18-27, +10 in 34 games played. GRADE: B

29 Sean SELMSER – Checking forward at his best when playing agitator.
Serves as the team’s physical presence, but is only moderately
successful. Current stats: 6-9-15, +2 in 47 GP. GRADE: D

34 Adam DEWAN – Enthusiastic hitter, but with little scoring touch (thus
far) in the AHL. Limited playing time due to injury. Current stats:
1-2-3, +6 in 18 GP. GRADE: N/A

39 Chad HINZ – Checking forward of moderate defensive ability and little
offensive ability. If not for the Bulldogs’ lack of depth at forward,
would most likely be playing in the ECHL. Current stats: 4-8-12, +7 in
39 games. GRADE: F