Phantoms Mid Season Report

By Jim Segrest

Maxime Ouellet-Has adjusted real well so far in his first pro season. Future: Seems to be on track to develop into a real good NHL Goaltender. Potential: Number one goaltender in the NHL.(B+)

Pavel Brendl- Is showing no ability to create scoring chances on his own, But when he has been set up with good chances he has put them away. Future: I really believe his sniper shooting is enough for him to make it to the NHL as a scoring line forward in the future, how good he will be will be decided by if he can develop his skating and defensive play. Potential: Second Line sniper, outside shot at being an all star depending on how his skating improves(C+)

Bruno St.Jacques- Has had an excellent season has been the Phantoms best defensive defenseman. Future: Bruno will probably get his permanent spot with the Flyers next season either as a 6th or 7th defenseman. Potential: Future number 3 or 4 defenseman.(A-)

Tomas Divisek- Has had a very good season playing a solid all around game for the Phantoms, could use to put up a few more points in his 3rd AHL season. Future: Tomas might be given a shot to contend for a job with the Flyers at next training camp. Potential: Future 3rd Line player with scoring ability.(B)

Vaclav Pletka- Started out on a tear in the beginning of the season since then has slowed down to a snails pace scoring wise all and all has had a good season. Future: Vaclav might be given a look next season but the way his scoring has reduced and his lack of defensive play. I would give the edge to Divisek to make the team out of camp if any forward makes it. Potential: Could develop into a Future second line scoring winger.(B-)

Guillame Lefebvre- Has been one of the biggest surprises this year, plays an awesome all around game and has very good hockey sense he knows where he’s got to be, which makes it look like the puck is following him on the ice. Future: This 7th round pick from 2000 might actually be given a chance to make the roster the training camp before the 2003-2004 season if he keeps developing the way he is. Potenial: I shudder to make comparisons this early in his hockey career but the kid reminds me of a young Rod BrindAmour.(A)

Mike Lephart- Has contributed a little when in the lineup has played well in his first pro season.(C+)

Kirby Law- Kirby has had a good season and has produced a nice amount of points.(B-)

Jesse Boulerice- Has produced very little offense since being back with the phantoms.(C)

Francis Lessard- Has played a pretty good defensive game.(C)

Jim Vandermeer- Has played average defensively, does not look comfortable handling the puck on the point.(C)

James Chalmer- Has contributed physical play on the fourth line.(C)

Dan Peters- Has played an average all around game.(C)

Craig Brunel- See James Chalmers.(C)

Joe DiPenta- Has played below average defensively and contributed nothing offensively.(D)

Mark Freer- Has had a very good all around game this season the best defensive pivot on the Phatoms.(B+)

Mark Greig- Has been putting up points all season no matter who his linemates were.(B+)

Neil Little- Has had a spectacular year, a key cog in the Flyers organization as he keeps grooming more Flyers prospects, helping them adjust to the pro game.(A+)

John Slaney- Normal Slaney average defensively, but is the most talented offensive defenseman in the AHL.(B+)

Brad Tiley- See Dan Peters.(C)

Pete Vandermeer- See James Chalmers.(C)

Mike Watt- Has played a very good all around game since returning from injury.(B-)