A win and a loss for Switzerland

By Joeri Loonen

February 3rd: Slovakia 4 Switzerland 1

6 Days before the start of the Olympics the Swiss team got beaten big time by Slovakia in Boise, Idaho. Since Ralph Krüeger was appointed national team coach in 1997, Switzerland hadn’t been outplayed like they ere in this game. Slovakia dominated throughout the game and outshot the Swiss 45 to 21. Goalie Lars Weibel stopped 41 shots and prevented an even more dramatic result for Switzerland. At the end of the day the main question was what this game had brought the Swiss. The answer seemed to be that this game would be used for provocation.

On the smaller North-American rink the Slovaks were far more motivated then there European coutnerparts who had only lost to Slovakia once in 6 previous meetings. It was ironical that goalie Weibel was Switzerland’s best player as he’d probably see no ice time during the Olympics as David Aebischer and Martin Gerber will be the first two goalies. Krüeger could be quoted that “not a single player could be happy about today’s performance and that the third period saw not much good from their side. Most goals were due to simple errors and them could be blamed on fatigue. We had expected that though.”

Arriving from Sweden will be goalie Martin Gerber and forward Marcel Jenni along with assistant coach Bent-Ake Gustafsson who will all be avaialble for the second game vs Slovakia. Also Martin Steinegger who was recovering from an injury and had not seen any ice yet is likely to be available.


0-1 16. Conne (Della Rossa, Keller)
1-1 22. Lintner (Sechny)
2-1 50. Tomik (Sechny)
3-1 54. Hurtaj (Unassisted)
4-1 59. Sechny (Lintner) PPG

February 5th: Slovakia 3 Switzerland 4

In the 2nd, and final, pre-olympic game Switzerland beat Slovkia 4-3 in Logan, Utah. After an early goal against, André Rötheli and Martin Höhener gave Switzerland the lead.

In the first half of the game Switzerland was taking their chances very effectively scoring 3 goals on only 9 shots. Also the Swiss power play performed better today resulting in 2 goals. One of them scored by Parick Fischer who is eyeing to land a NHL-contract next summer. Rumoured is he is talking to the Los Angeles Kings.


1-0 4. Pardavy (Milo) PPG
1-1 5. Rötheli (Jeannin)
1-2 14. Höhener (Fischer, Crameri)
2-2 19. Ratislav Pavlikovsky (Majesky)
2-3 28. Streit (Rötheli) PPG
2-4 45. Fischer (Salis) PPG
3-4 49. Tomik (Unasissted)