An Interview with Danny Bois

By Jason Ahrens

Danny Bois is a gritty forward who can be deployed in a number of ways, as a defensive forward, as an agitator or as an offensive winger.

Hockeys Future– Dan can you tell our readers a bit about yourself, where you grew up, what style of play you play?

Dan Bois– I grew up in Thunder Bay a city in northern Ontario. I’m a power forward who likes to go up and down the wings and hit everyone I see.

HF– At what point growing up did you realize that you had a future in the OHL?

Bois– Probably two years ago.(laughs) The year I was drafted by the Knights, that’s pretty much it, I never thought that it would happen.

HF– Were there any major influences growing up on your hockey career?

Bois– Both of my parents, my Mom and Dad were big supporters of me.

HF– This is your 2nd season with the Knights, what type of progress have you seen in your game?

Bois– Its supposed to get easier each year, but I haven’t been scoring much this year as well as I did last year, but I’ve been trying to play defensively and put the team first.

HF– As you mentioned your offensive numbers are down this year, do you feel the added pressure, or the extra responsibilities of being Captain have been a factor in this?

Bois– Well, no. Last year I was left alone in front of the net on the power play, nobody knew who I was. This year teams are paying more attention to me and its been a lot harder.

HF– Tell me a bit about your draft day experience, did you attend it and what kind of emotional rollar coaster was it?

Bois– Yeah it was pretty neat. I went down and I didn’t expect to go on the first day, I sat there the entire day and I was the last pick in the third round. I didn’t think I was going to go by then, so it was pretty neat when they called my name at the last minute.

HF– Once the Avalanche picked you, did they give you any instructions on how to prepare over the summer?

Bois– No. The only time I talked to them was at the fitness test in June.

HF -Did you attend their camp in the fall?

Bois– I didn’t go because of the planes. I was at the airport on September 11 and never got off the ground.

HF -The Western Conference is so tight this season, there are basically five teams fighting it out for the last few spots in the playoffs. Are you starting to feel the pressure?

Bois -We’re pretty much in the playoffs right now. In the dressing room we’re saying it started last Friday, every game is like the playoffs from here on in. We’ve got to win every game, we’re going to do our best to do

HF– Over Christmas you were missing several of your top players, and it was an opportunity for you guys to roll over and go in the tank. How instrumental was it for guys to step up with the extra ice time and contribute?

Bois– Yeah a couple of nights ago our 4th line, they had 3 goals and had 2 points each. The same thing happened at Christmas, the whole team picked up their level of play and we played about .500 hockey over that stretch.

HF– During that time, fellow Avalanche draftee Charlie Stephens played some of his best hockey, do you agree?

Bois– Yeah, when he’s playing the body, not worried about who he is hitting, its unbelievable how good he is.

HF– The team is owned and run by Dale and Mark Hunter, how much have you learned from them, two guys who had long careers in the show?

Bois– Well everything, they are always saying something and its like wow, that was a good point. Mark Hunter played a lot of years as a power forward and that’s my style and he is giving me pointers. Our coach Dale, he
played 19 years in the NHL and I play a lot like him too, and he is teaching me things like how to shoot, how to pick corners. I’ve really learned a lot from both of them.

HF– London is one of the best attended arenas in the league. Next year you will be playing in a brand new facility, how exciting is it for you guys who will be returning to be able to play in front of 6,000+ fans next

Bois– It’s going to be awesome. We just went down there for a team picture, its pretty exciting.

HF– Do you have any personal goals over the next couple of months, I know the team goal is to make the playoffs and go as far as possible.

Bois– I want to try to work on my plus minus, get it a bit higher and try to chip in with a few more points.

  • Danny Bois, RW shoots Right, 6’1″ 197 lbs, born June 1, 1983
  • Was drafted by the London Knights in the first round of the bantam draft
    in 1999 and was selected in the third round in 2001 by Colorado Avalanche
  • Was named the captain of the Knights at the start of the 2001-02 season
  • Leads the Knights in penalty minutes this season