What’s In Storr for Jamie?

By Tony Calfo

It’s a rite of spring for all Kings fans. Is this the trading deadline when Jamie Storr will be dealt to another team for a big name player? The question is more pressing than ever this season. The Kings are playing as well as anyone in the league right now and may be a player away from making a run at the Stanley Cup Finals. The only real tradable commodity for the Kings right now is Jamie Storr, but what does that do for the future?

Felix Potvin is fully entrenched as the #1 goalie and is playing well. Stefan Fiset is in Manchester and with his hefty salary, the Kings would trade him for yesterday’s newspaper. Storr has done an admirable job as a backup, and the Kings have done an even more admirable job positioning him to do so, handpicking his games to make him more effective.

While Storr has not played the toughest schedule, his confidence is high and prior to Wednesday’s game in Pittsburgh he was playing the best hockey of his NHL career. The Kings have seen signs of the netminder that they have worked so hard to hold on to, even at the expense of other players on their roster.

If they do deal Storr, what will happen in two years. Granted, Potvin is excelling but how many more years can the Kings count on him. Can Jamie wait another year after this to take the #1 spot? Do the Kings have a goalie they can depend on if they do trade Storr?

If Storr were traded today, Fiset would be the backup. he would be a capable backup, but if pressed into every day service he cannot be relied on due to his injury-prone nature. If Potvin plays through his contract, who will take over when he is done in two years- Alexey Volkov? Cristobal Huet? Nathan Marsters? As you can see, none of the aforementioned names strike fear into opposing offenses. Volkov is regaining his touch with a GAA of 2.17 this season in Russia, but he struggled in North America last season. Will he be ready?

The Kings have too much invested and too many questions in the future to trade Storr right now. He is finally playing up to expectations and is poised to take the #1 position he has waited so patiently for. The Kings have come to far to sacrifice the franchise for a three month span. Besides, the organization knows that doesn’t work.


Thanks to Kim Reimer for passing along stats for the Kings’ prospects. A weekly rundown of leaders:

Yannick Lehoux leads King’s prospects with 50 goals. Jared Aulin is second with 31 and Pavel Rosa is third with 21.

The assist lead reads Lehoux with 63, Aulin with 33 and Manchester defenseman Joe Corvo with 32.

Points goes Lehoux 113, Aulin 64 and Rosa with 43.

Plus/Minus reads: Aulin +30, Lehoux +28, Rosa +21

Penalties in Minutes: Kip Brennan- 221, Joe Rullier (Manchester)- 109, Craig Olynick (Moose Jaw)- 99. Olynick also has 26 points (20 assists) in 52 games.

Wins for Goalies goes to Cris Huet with 20. He is 20-14-4 with a 2.82 GAA. Volkov leads in GAA with a 2.17.

Thanks again to Kim Reimer.