Draftees in Germany: How are they doing?

By Oliver Janz

HF’s Draftee of the Month

Draftee Stats:

Frank Appel (Defender, Calgary Flames)
Moskitos Essen (DEL): 38 GP, 2 A, 2 PT, 34 PIM
Germany: 3 GP

Christian Ehrhoff (Defender, San Jose Sharks)
Krefeld Pinguine (DEL): 41 GP, 6 G, 14 A, 20 PTS, +3, 50 PIM
Germany U20: 8 GP, 3 G, 7 A, 10 PTS, 18 PIM
Germany: 13 GP, 1 A, 1 PT, 10 PIM

Kai Fischer (Goalie, Colorado Avalanche)
Heilbronner EC (2.Bundesliga): 26 GP, 1498 Min., 81 GA, GAA 3,24, Sav.% .887

Robert Francz (Forward, Phoenix Coyotes)
Frankfurt Lions (DEL): 40 GP, 2 G, 3 A, 5 PTS, -9, 123 PIM

Marcel Goc (Forward, San Jose Sharks)
Schwenninger Wild Wings (DEL): 45 GP, 8 G, 9 A, 17 PTS, -7, 24 PIM
Adler Mannheim (DEL): 4 GP, 1 A, 1 PT, +2
Germany U20: 8 GP, 4 G, 1 A, 5 PTS, 2 PIM
Germany: 5 GP, 1 G, 1 A, 2 PTS

Erich Goldmann (Defender, Ottawa Senators)
Moskitos Essen (DEL): 53 GP, 1 G, 16 A, 17 PTS, -1, 32 PIM
Germany: 16 GP, 1 A, 1 PT, 27 PIM

Torsten Kienass (Defender, Boston Bruins)
DEG Metro Stars (DEL): 54 GP, 2 G, 4 A, 6 PTS, -6, 20 PIM

Robert Müller (Goalie, Washington Capitals)
Adler Mannheim (DEL): 14 GP, 617 Min., 25 GA, 1 SO, GAA 2,43, Sav.% .889
Germany: 2 GP, 78 Min., 4 GA, GAA 3,07, Sav.% .905

Dimitri Pätzold (Goalie, San Jose Sharks)
Kölner Haie (DEL): 6 GP, 239 Min., 14 GA, GAA 3,50, Sav.% .874
EV Duisburg (2.Bundesliga): 6 GP, 360 Min., 3-3-0, 17 GA, GAA 2,83
Germany U19: 4 GP, other stats not available
Germany U20: 8 GP, other stats not available

Martin Reichel (Forward, Edmonton Oilers)
Nürnberg Ice Tigers (DEL): 53 GP, 8 G, 23 A, 31 PTS, +10, 18 PIM
Germany: 17 GP, 2 G, 1 A, 3 PTS, 8 PIM

Stefan Schauer (Defender, Ottawa Senators)
SC Riessersee (2.Bundesliga): 41 GP, 2 G, 15 A, 17 PTS, 38 PIM
München Barons (DEL): 0 GP
Germany U20: 8 GP, 6 PIM

Christoph Schubert (Defender, Ottawa Senators)
München Barons (DEL): 44 GP, 3 G, 11 A, 14 PTS, +9, 117 PIM
Germany U20: 4 GP, 4 G, 2 A, 6 PTS, 6 PIM
Germany: 13 GP, 1 A, 1 PT, 12 PIM

Dennis Seidenberg (Defender, Philadelphia Flyers)
Adler Mannheim (DEL): 52 GP, 6 G, 11 A, 17 PTS, +10, 54 PIM
Germany: 17 GP, 1 G, 2 A, 3 PTS, 33 PIM

Tore Vikingstad (Forward, St. Louis Blues)
DEG Metro Stars (DEL): 52 GP, 15 G, 28 A, 43 PTS, +13, 4 PIM
Norway: Stats not available

HF’s Draftee of the Month

It was a close race between the three defensemen Christian Ehrhoff, Dennis Seidenberg and Christoph Schubert. All three guys played very good at the olympic games in Salt Lake City. … and the Draftee Award goes to Schubert. As Ehrhoff and Seidenberg played solid, Schubert was the most impressive player of these guys. He dished out many checks. He also had a good restart in the DEL-season after the olympic break. Schubert recorded one goal and two assists in four games.

Please read Brandon LeBourveau’s comments about their olympic appereance in his current article “Youngsters at the Olympics”.

Previous winners
September: Dennis Seidenberg (Adler Mannheim/DEL)
October: Dennis Seidenberg (Adler Mannheim/DEL)
November: Christian Ehrhoff (Krefeld Pinguine/DEL)
December: Christian Ehrhoff (Krefeld Pinguine/DEL)
January: Dennis Seidenberg (Adler Mannheim/DEL)

HF’s Prospect of the Month

For the second time, the award goes to Thomas Greilinger. He extended his awesome performances from the last weeks. In February, Greilinger scored four goals and one assist in five games. In addition, his current stats for the season are: 38 GP, 12 G, 15 A, 27 PTS, +10, 8 PIM.

Honorable mention: Andreas Morczinietz, who scored four points in four DEL-games and two assists in three games during the first round at the olympics. Before he was replaced by Jochen Hecht. Also, his brother, goalie Martin Morczinietz, garnered this mention. He became the undisputed number one in Geretsried, a third league based team.

Previous winners
September: Vitalij Aab (Nürnberg Ice Tigers/DEL)
October: Vitalij Aab (Nürnberg Ice Tigers/DEL)
November: Dimitrij Kochnev (Iserlohn Roosters/DEL)
December: Eduard Lewandowski (Eisbären Berlin/DEL) and Andreas Morczinietz (Augsburger Panther/DEL)
January: Yannic Seidenberg (Adler Mannheim/DEL) and Thomas Greilinger (Nürnberg Ice Tigers/DEL)

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