HF’s Interview with Gino Guyer

By Erik Freeman

I’ve recently had the opportunity to ask Minnesota High School Hockey standout and Coleraine native, Gino Guyer, a few questions. He was a dominant force at Greenway High School, notching 81 points in 24 regular season games. Next year Guyer will be attending the University of Minnesota with fellow high school teammate Andy Sertich. Guyer is ranked #40 in the mid-term CSB rankings among North American skaters.

Q. In today’s game many players skip junior or senior years to play juniors or go to the NTDP, do you think not doing this has affected you in any way?

A. I think in some ways it may have affected me, but I knew that by not playing juniors I would have to work harder during the season and the off season. So, in a way it has been a motivator for me. It may take me a little longer to adjust to the college game but I feel I can do it.

Q. Was Major Juniors ever an option or were you decided it was the NCAA route all the way?

A. I met with a coach about Major Juniors in my sophomore year because the team had me protected. I thought about it for a little bit but I felt a college education was more important.

Q. Why did you chose the University of Minnesota and how difficult was it to select a college?

A. I chose Minnesota because in the end that’s what felt right. It was a tough decision. All the places were great schools and hockey programs but it was just a feeling I had.

Q. What are your goals at University of Minnesota next year?

A. My goals are to try and be an impact player as quick as possible. I want to be able to contribute on a regular basis and help the team to win a national championship.

Q. What do you think of your chance at making the US National Junior team next year?

A. I think that I have a pretty good chance. It all depends on the kind of tryout I have and the first half of the year next fall.

Q. What are the biggest differences between high school hockey and the USHL?

A. Strenth, goaltending, and the depths of the teams are the major differences. All the players are stronger and faster. There is also less time and space to work with.

Q. Will you finish the season with Lincoln in USHL? Also, who are your linemates and have you played any games yet?

A. Yes, I played in two games the other weekend and had an assist. I played with Trevor Frishmon and John Snowden. It will probably take me a few games to adjust but i am hoping to help them make a run for the Clark Cup.

Q. What is like to see yourself ranked at # 40 in the CSB among North American skaters?

A. I think its quite an honor, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot yet. I still have to go on to the ice a prove myself each time I play, but there’s still a long way to go to get to where I want to be. I also won’t be eligible this year because I would lose my college eligibility if I opted in.

Q. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses as a player and what are you going to work on to improve the most before next season?

A. I feel my strengths as a player are my ability to see the ice and make plays. I feel that I have good hands and a good shot. I also think that I play the game really smart and don’t make many mistakes. My weaknesses are probably my strength which I have been working on the last few years and my first 2 or 3 strides could be a little faster.

We’d like to thank Gino for taking time to answer the questions and wish him good luck the rest of the way with the Lincoln Stars.