Finnish Preseason Game: KÄRPÄT TIES JYP 3-3.

By pbadmin

It was the final game of tournament, but it didn’t seem like a final. The game was slow, and there were not many bodychecks. Defensive play wasn’t tight, and offense the shots often went too high or too wide. The biggest disappointment of the night came when the spectators heard that Jason “Killer” Doig of the New York Rangers wouldn’t play, because Rangers hadn’t give him permission. Jyp should have won the game, but were not fortunate. One shot in the 1st period and three in second hit the post and bounced away. They also had a few other good scoring opportunities, but again goaltender Markus Korhonen played very well. It was a shame the two best players on Kärpät today were thrown out of game in the 3rd period. First Martin Bergeron received a penalty for hooking when Jyp player took a dive. Then when Martin questioned the call with the referee, he received a personal unsportsmanlike conduct (10 minutes), which meant he would be sitting in penalty box for rest of game. A few minutes later Kimmo Koskenkorva got 5+20 for spearing, and his game was over as well. Kärpät scored two power play goals and one short-handed, while Jyp scored one power-play goal.

1st period:
Kärpät goes on the power play, when Topi Ryhtä gets a penalty for interference. Soon Miikka Rousu and Niklas Hagman, who again performed well, pass the puck to Kristian Taubert, who shoots from the blueline and scores. Kristian Taubert’s gets called for a penalty. During the penalty time Mikko Haapakoski makes a beautiful pass to Kimmo Koskenkorva which leads to break-away. Kimmo plays with the puck, shoots, and the puck bounces in off the post. After the first period Kärpät thought that game was going to be an easy win.

Kärpät 4.19 1-0 Kristian Taubert (Niklas Hagman, Miikka Rousu) PP
Kärpät 10.14 2-0 Kimmo Koskenkorva (Mikko Haapakoski) SH

Penalties: Jyp 3.44 Topi Riutta interference
Kärpät 5.32 Kimmo Salminen interference
Kärpät 8.17 Kristian Taubert interference
Jyp 10.31 Stefan Örnskog high-sticking.

2nd period:
Kärpät gets called for many penalties, and at one point Jyp has 1.33 of two man-advantage. They have many chances to scores, but fail to score with the 2 man advantage. In the same power play, but now only one man up, Nic Zupancic is all alone in front of net and shoots three times, one Korhonen saves, one hits the post and last one goes in. Kärpät is playing a really awful period and four minutes later Jyp ties the game with a goal by Lasse Jämsen. Kärpät takes the lead back by a power play goal by Vjateslav Fandul’s. Jyp ties it back up in the last minute of the period, when Vesa Ponto shoot it top-shelf.

Jyp 10.02 2-1 Nic Zupancic (Stefan Örnskog) PP
Jyp 14.07 2-2 Lasse Jämsen (Pekka Poikolainen, Marko Ojanen)
Kärpät 15.31 3-2 Vjateslav Fandul (Harri Aho, Niklas Hagman) PP
Jyp 19.12 3-3 Vesa Ponto (Nic Zupancic)

Kärpät 0.51 Jari Laukkanen high-sticking
Jyp 2.55 Pekka Poikolainen cross-checking
Kärpät 7.51 Sami Siltavirta interference
Kärpät 8.18 Jari Laukkanen slashing
Jyp 15.15 Marko Virtanen holding the stick.

3rd period:
Both teams play have a lot of power-play opportunities, but neither can manage to score. Kärpät collects one 2+10 and one 5+20 and Jyp gets one 2+10. Jyp has the best scoring chances, but Karpat’s goaltender played a really good period. Besides the penalties the period is low-speed hockey, with little happenings. The referees lost control of the game, and Vesa Ponto’s gets really dirty and delvers a dangerous hit from behind on one of Karpat’s players. He only gets 2+10, while earlier Kimmo Koskenkorva got 5+20 for little slashing.

Scoring: no scoring

Penalties: Jyp 3.41 Pekka Poikolainen interference Jyp 5.50 Mikko Luoma slashing Kärpät 6.40 Mikko Haapakoski high-sticking Kärpät 9.45 Martin Bergeron slashing +10minutes unsportsmanlike conduct Kärpät 12.37 Kimmo Koskenkorva 5+20 minutes for spearing Jyp 17.56 Vesa Ponto 2+10 checking from behind

Shoot-out: Kärpät: Martin Bergeron, Vjateslav Fandul, Miikka Rousu fail. Jyp: Petr Ton, Jaroslav Bednar fail, Topi Riutta scores.

Jpy wins the shoot-out 1-0.

Kärpät had beaten Reims on Friday 6-1. Bergeron had a hat-trick and Boden 12-0, Koskenkorva hat-trick. Kärpät won the tournament.

G Antti Kangas: didn’t play.
D Lasse Kukkonen: Played on only a few shifts. It’s actually a pity, he seems to be turning into a great defender, needs more ice time. 0+0 0min
D Mikko Lehtonen: One of the best defenders again. Didn’t hit that much today, but showed his awareness throughout the game. Maybe needs a little more responsibilty, but this is going to be big year for him 0+0 0min
D Jaako Niskavaara: Didn’t shine, but didn’t play bad. Was unproductive on the powerplay. Should have shot more, because has a great shot. 0+0 0min
D Sami Siltavirta: Played a really bad game. Worst game I’ve ever seen him play. Made two awful passes in front of own net during 2nd period. Should have benched after horrible passes like that, but this was only a pre-season game. 0-0 2min
F Petri Isotalus: His whole line was played poorly. Jyp always got the pressured Kärppä when He, Teemu Virkkunen and Jari Viuhkola were on ice. Had a good opportunity (2-1), but his shot missed the net. 0+0 0min
F Niklas Hagman: He played another good game today, and got rewarded with two assists. Wasn’t skating as much as in the Luleå-game, but was still the 3rd best Kärppä-forward today. 0+2 0min
F Kimmo Koskenkorva: The best forward today. Scored a very nice break-away goal in the first period. It was a shame that he got thrown out, because he was double-shifting, and after he got thrown out Kärpät lost their touch trying to score the winning goal. 1+0 25min
F Jari Viuhkola: He played in line with Petri Isotalus and Teemu Virkkunen and they line was always in trouble. They didn’t hit or skate and that was the problem. 0+0 0min
F Teemu Virkkunen: On the 4th line with Isotalus and Viuhkola, he was the only one on the line who even tried to play, skate and hit. 0+0 0min.

Best Jyp players:
*Pekka Poikolainen
**Stefan Örnskog
***Nic Zupancic

Best Kärppä players:
*Kristian Taubert
**Martin Bergeron
***Kimmo Koskenkorva