HIFK crushes KÄRPÄT 6-2. (1-0, 2-2, 3-0)

By pbadmin

It was a weak game by Karpat, and the stronger team showed how to play. Karpat Didn’t skate at all, although they are a faster team than HIFK. Anyway, HIFK had at least 15 great scoring chances, including five or so breakaways, so there was no doubt which was the better team on the ice today. Karpat-defense was simply pathetic. Even on the power-play, HIFK had three consecutive 2 on 1 attacks. With a little more accuracy, HIFK could have easily scored over ten goals, especially because Antti Kangas on Karpat-net Wasn’t playing well either.

HIFK’s Jan Caloun and Toni Sihvonen played very strongly, being always a few steps ahead of Karpat-defensemen. Czech defenseman Marek Zidlicky appeared to be a big help for HIFK too. HIFK always had a few big forwards in front of the net, and Karpat-players were always somewhere other than where they were supposed to be. You could say that Karpat players didn’t know what to do on defense, and that they weren’t even trying to play. It was horrible to watch, especially short-handed, when HIFK simply moved the puck around to the free man in front of the net. Karpat had only a few scoring-chances, most of them in the late second period, when Karpat were playing a little, but their shots were either too high, too wide, or too weak. The best scoring chance came in the third period, when young Tuomo Harjula started from behind his own net, flew by HIFK defensemen, and passed the puck to Kimmo Koskenkorva. They were alone in front of the net, but Koskenkorva’s shot went wide, again. It92s hard to say anything positive about the play by Karpat; Kristian Taubert was the only player who played to his level. HIFK was better in everything, and
dominated the game completely.

1st period:

On 11.46, HIFK gets a power-play and has several scoring chances, until
Marek Zidlicky shoots it nicely into the top-corner. Again you could ask, where were Karpat players? Kristian Taubert and Jari Viuhkola showed a couple of nice bodychecks. HIFK defenseman Kevin Tucker seemed a little bit too slow for the big rink, and judging by one game, I would be amazed by the HIFK general manager, if he offered Tucker a contract.

Penalties: 1.16 HIFK Marek Zidlicky 2min high-sticking, 3.37 Karpat Jari Viuhkola 2min cross-checking, 7.16 HIFK Pasi NielikE4inen 2min interference, 11.46 Karpat Marko Pieniniemi 2min interference, 16.50 HIFK Tom Nelson 2min cross-checking , 19.30 Karpat Kimmo Koskenkorva 2min interference.


HIFK 12.55 Mared Zidlick (Jan Caloun) PP

2nd period:

Karpat has difficulties with the HIFK offense, and soon after a mess in front of Karpat-net Jan Caloun shoots the puck over Antti Kangas, who92s laying on ice, 0-2. Then Karpat skates in a few shifts. Kimmo Salminen one-times a pass by
Martin Bergeron and HIFK-goalie Niklas Beckstrom is beaten for the first
time. But only 36 seconds later, HIFK gets a 3-on-1 attack, which turns to
a break-away, and again HIFK leads by two goals. Kristian Taubert gives little hope to the 3800 spectators at 18.57, when he shoots to the top-corner from the blue-line on the power-play.

Penalties: 1.30 Karpat Miikka Rousu 2min holding the stick, 3.31 HIFK Marko From 2min hooking, 8.51 Karpat Karri Kivi 2min hooking, 8.51 HIFK Pasi
Nielikäinen 2min unsportsmanlike-conduct, 12.21 HIFK Marek Zidlick 2min
hooking, 17.04 HIFK Pasi Nielikäinen 2min holding, 19.32 HIFK Kimmo Kuhta
2min interference


HIFK 2.30 Jan Caloun (Toni Sihvonen) PP

Karpat 6.00 Kimmo Salminen (Martin Bergeron)

HIFK 6.36 Janne Mönkönen (Toni Sihvonen, Mika Nieminen)

Karpat 18.57 Kristian Taubert (Vjateslav Fandul) PP

3rd period:

Karpat has the game under control, until 18-year old prospect Lasse Kukkonen makes a terrible pass in his own zone, and three HIFK players are alone in front on the Karpat net. After a couple of shots, Jan Caloun shoots it in, and the game is practically over. A few minutes later, on Kukkonen’s next shift, he lets Kimmo Kuhta come way too close the net, and a weak shot goes in between Antti Kangas’ legs easily. Kimmo Kuhta scores his second goal of game on the power play with 1.27 left in game and the final result is Karpat 2 – HIFK 6.

Penalties: 0.32 Karpat Teemu Virkkunen 2min slashing, 0.32 HIFK Aki Tuominen 2min roughing, 3.53 HIFK Tom Laaksonen 2min slashing, 3.53 Karpat Sami Siltavirta 2min interference, 5.56 HIFK Kevin Tucker 2min holding, 12.13 HIFK Jari Noponen 2min holding, 16.02 Karpat Mikko Haapakoski 2min
interference, 17.55 Karpat Kristian Taubert 2min hooking.


HIFK 9.42 Jan Caloun (Toni Sihvonen)

HIFK 11.06 Kimmo Kuhta

HIFK 18.33 Kimmo Kuhta (Aki Tuominen) PP


G Antti Kangas: If you allow six goals, you haven’t played a good game. The fifth
goal went cheaply between the legs. He made acouple of nice saves, but faced way
too many tough situations.

D Lasse Kukkonen: Played an OK game until the third period, when in two
consecutive shifts his mistakes led to goals. First one came after
unacceptable pass; the second was more the goaltender’s fault than his. 0+0 0min

D Mikko Lehtonen: This was far away from his best performance, but he was still the second-best defender today. Didn’t make any mistakes, but Wasn’t that tough and Didn’t do anything on the attack. 0+0 0min

D Jaako Niskavaara: Didn’t play.

D Sami Siltavirta: Didn’t play well, was always in the wrong place on the penalty
kill; a tough game for him as for every Karpat defender today. 0+0 2min

F Petri Isotalus: Didn’t play.

F Niklas Hagman: Didn’t play.

F Kimmo Koskenkorva: Had a few great chances, got alone facing goaltender with
Tuomo Harjula, but couldn92t cash in. Wasn’t a very good game for him
either; still one of the best Karpat forwards along with Jari Viuhkola,
Tuomo Harjula and Martin Bergeron. 0+0 2min

F Jari Viuhkola: Nice open-ice hit in first period. Was on a line with two
rockets, Koskenkorva and Harjula, and it seemed to work. 0+0 0min

F Teemu Virkkunen: Played on the first line with Salminen and Bergeron, but Didn’t shine. 0+0 0min.

Best Karpat Player:

*Kristian Taubert

Best HIFK Players:

*Jan Caloun

**Marek Zidlicky

***Toni Sihvonen