Meet Admiral Vern Fiddler

By Corine Gatti

If you enjoy watching minor league sports for entertainment, one never knows what athlete is going bridge his footprints from the minor league to the professional level of play.

Meet, Vern Fiddler, who is currently on a professional tryout with the Norfolk Admirals. His name is starting to pop up in the hockey circles, as one who will start make his mark in the future. The reason is his speed and his ability to get the puck in tight corners. However, the 21- year-old center does show his inexperience, with over zealousness and uncertainty on the ice. But after 33 games in the AHL, he has accumulated 13 points after his departure from the ECHL Roanoke Express earlier in the year.

Fiddler, an Edmonton Alb., native posted 27 goals, 28 assists in the ECHL this season and was named to the 2002 ECHL All-Rookie team this month. The future remains inchoate for many inspiring athletes, even with the right package, but Fiddler agrees, that determination is the key to make it to the NHL.

HF: Tell our readers about your transition from the ECHL to Norfolk.

VF: It has been good for me because of Trent Yawney. He is giving me a chance and I am taking advantage of that.

HF: How was your first day on the job?

VF: Yea, I was nervous, but you have to get over it. I did not know anyone that was tough, except for Quintin Laing, whom I played with in the Junior League.

HF: Compare Locker rooms from this league from the ECHL.

VF: In the ECHL, guys are winding down their careers and for a paycheck. Here you are playing to get to the NHL. It’s more serious here.

HF: What are your goals for the future?

VF: Work hard at my dream to get to the NHL.

HF: How was growing up in Edmonton?

VF: I just remember watching the Edmonton Oilers win all those Stanley Cups growing up and thinking how awesome it was to see that as a kid.

HF: Any hobbies?

VF: I love water sports and in my free time, I like to play golf every day.