Game Report – EHC Kloten – HC Lugano

By pbadmin

One of the most interesting match-ups of the year, if you are a prospects fans, is between these two talented teams.

Kloten is building on young players. As they are still playing with only 2 foreign players, one more roster spot is kept for a young player until the 3rd man arrives (it will most likely be Sergei Brylin, if he fails to make the NJ Devils roster).

Swiss Champ Lugano has the deepest roster in the league, but still has quite a few good talents under contract.

Game Rosters:

Andrew McKim, Martin Plüss, Adrian Wichser
Sébastien Reuille, Tomas Strandberg, André Rufener
Felix Hollenstein, Matthias Schenkel, Sven Helfenstein
Thomas Widmer, Sven Lindemann, Christian Wohlwend

Martin Bruderer, Benjamin Winkler
Samuel Balmer, Arne Ramholt
Martin Höhener, Marco Klöti
Oskar Szczepaniec, Mattias Wüst

Reto Pavoni (backup Christian Wepf)

Injured: Thomas Heldner (out until February)

Phillipe Bozon, Christian Dubé, Marcel Jenni
Misko Antisin, Gian-Marco Crameri, Régis Fuchs
Gilbert Flüeler, Igor Fedulov, Trevor Meier
Andy Näser, Jean-Jaques Aeschlimann, André Doll
Keith Fair

Sandro Bertaggia, Peter Andersson
Julien Vauclair, Marc Astley
Olivier Keller, Rick Tschumi
Gaetan Voisard

Lars Weibel (backup Christobal Huet)

Injured: Marc-Pierre Tschudy, Geoffrey Vauclair

1st period:
Kloten’s defense was dominated early on, as Lugano came out on fire. Lugano’s first line put a lot of pressure on Klotten’s defense but Dubé, Bozon and Jenni were unable to put the puck past an insecure Pavoni.
The first goal of the game was scored after a horrible beginner’s fault by Kloten’s defenseman Mathias Wüst. Crameri passed the puck to the right side. Wüst was looking at Crameri instead of covering the pass receiver. This fault allowed Régis Fuchs to skate 1 on 1 with the goaltender. Fuchs took a hard shot out of the right face-off circle and scored.

After this goal Lugano continued to pressure Kloten’s defense. Kloten’s only offensive action happened when Florida draftee, Adrian Wichser, sent a very niec over to one of his linemates. But his linemates were unable to score.

Kloten’s biggest scoring chance came in the 15th minute. The puck was passed into the slot in front of Lugano’s net. Sven Helfenstein tried to score off a rebound, but a Kloten defenender cleared the puck with his hand. This caused a penatly shot, but Kloten’s team captain Felix Hollenstein missed it.

The two goal lead for Lugano was scored by Julien Vauclair. He just came out of the penalty box and received a long pass from Sandro Bertaggia at the redline. Like Fuchs before, Vauclair got 1 on 1 with Pavoni. Vauclair skated slowly to the net and waited until Pavoni edged towards one corner and put the puck into the other.

Just as the first period was coming to an end Régis Fuchs was on the receiving end of a puck to the face. It opened up a nice size cut on his face, and he had to leave the game.

Lugano dominated this period and held Kloten to only 4 shots.

Goals:05:37Lugano0:1Régis Fuchs (Cian-Marco Crameri, Peter Andersson)
17:56Lugano0:2Julien Vauclair (Sandro Bertaggia, Peter Andersson)

Penalties:08:05KlotenMattias Höhener, Tipping minor
12:44LuganoCian-Marco Crameri, Tripping minor
14:38LuganoMarcel Jenni, 10 min miscondouct (cause of complainting)
15:47LuganoJulien Vauclair, High Sticking minor
16:11KlotenTomas Strandberg, Hooking minor

2nd period
Unfortunatly the wound didn’t allow Fuchs to come back after the break. He was replaced by Andy Näser on the 2nd line. Keith Fair got Näser’s spot on the 4th.
The 3rd goal by Lugano came in result of another 1 on 1 with Pavoni. Misko Antisin passed the puck to Cian-Marco Crameri, who outskated the two Kloten defenders by one or two steps. Crameri scored with a flat shot through Pavoni’s legs.

After this 3rd goal Lugano got a bit lazy. During two Power Plays in the middle of the period Kloten had a few good scoring opportunities.

But Lugano’s 1st line was still dangerous. At the end of the period, they got a Power Play. Dubé won the face-off. The puck came back to Andersson at the blueline. Jenni took the rebound off of Andersson’s shot and scored making it 4-0 in Lugano’s favor.

Goals:21:31Lugano0:3Gian-Marco Crameri (Misko Antisin, Mark Astley)
39:58Lugano0:4Marcel Jenni (Peter Andersson, Phillipe Bozon)

Penalties:26:29LuganoMark Astley, Holding minor
28:16LuganoSandro Bertaggia, Holding minor
35:17KlotenFelix Hollenstein, Hooking minor
39:51KlotenChristian Wohlwend, Boarding minor

3rd period:
Lugano got even lazier now after the 4th goal. They dominated the first two periods, but in my oppinion that doesn’t allow a team to get lazy for the rest of the game.

In the first half of the 3rd period Kloten got two great scoring chances. One time Sébastien Reuille didn’t make use of a 1 on 1 with Lugano’s goalie Weibel. Another time Adrian Wichser missed the same situation.

It was only a question of time until Kloten takes advantage of Lugano’s laziness. Wohlwend passed the puck to the blueline. Szczepaniec took a surprising shot, through the traffic, high and into the left corner, GOAL!

After that goal, Lugano started to feel a little pressure. Kloten got two more great scoring chances. One time Plüss missed it and another time Andrew McKim, who played a horrible game, wasn’t able to the puck in the net.

Because Jursinov forced his first two lines during this pressure period, they 3rd line got a chance to play Power Play. Helfenstein was a bit to shy to produce enough space in front of the net. It was also the first time he played Power Play in the highest Swiss league, but he showed, that he is a future Power Play player. It was a good Power Play for Kloten, but they didn’t score.

The second Kloten goal was then scored by Helfenstein. He only wanted to clear the puck to the offensive zone to allow his team to change the lines. Lars Weibel, Lugano’s goalie, wanted to take advantage of the line change and tried to hit one of his streaking forwards. But he missed the puck and it slipped into the net. Helfenstein was named as the goalscorer. With his performance on Friday night he deserved to get his name on the stat sheet. Sven played a great game.

After this goal, in my opinion too late, Lugano coach Jim Coleff took his time-out. But unfortunately for Coleff, his team didn’t look motivated and came out lazy again.

At the start of the game’s’ last minute Kloten produced a confusion in front of Lugano’s net. Andrew McKim took a rebound off of a Benjamin Winkler shot, and put the puck past Lugano’s netminder. It was now 3-4 Lugano’s lead.

The last goal of the game, was scored by Lugano. Jenni stopped a Kloten attack and passed the puck alongside the left board to Bozon. Bozon scored into an open net.

Goals:50:13Kloten1:4Oskar Szczepaniec (Christian Wohlwend)
57:12Kloten2:4Sven Helfenstein (unassisted)
59:17Kloten3:4Andrew McKim (Benjamin Winkler)
59:40Lugano3:5Phillipe Bozon (Marcel Jenni)

Penalties:52:36LuganoPhillipe Bozon, Hooking minor


My 3-Stars of both teams:
1. StarAdrian Wichser
2. StarSven Helfenstein
3. StarAndré Rufener

1. StarPhillipe Bozon
2. StarChristian Dubé
3. StarPeter Andersson

Prospects performance:
Adrian Wichser, Kloten:
With his passes he produced a lot of goal scoring opportunities, but his linemates were unable to score. You still see that his back isn’t 100%, but he gets a lot of ice time due to his nice passing skills.

Sven Helfenstein, Kloten:
His performance last night was just great! With his balance and passing he produced a lot of creative things. I’m wondering how the scoring sheet would look like, if Hollenstein would not have been the right winger in his line. Sven and Matthias Schenkel, who centered the line, were dangerous, but Hollenstein destroyed all efforts of these two guys.

Sébastien Reuille, Kloten
No balance, not much improved from last season. I was a little disappointmented in his overall improvement. If the 3rd foreign player arrives it could be, that he loses a lot of ice time. If he wants to get drafted, he must play 1000 times better.

Christian Dubé, Lugano
A speedy winger. Played good defense. But should have scored at least one goal. I’m sure that he is able to play better than Friday, but he still was one of the best players on ice.

Julien Vauclair:
Despite his goal he had one shot. He has developed a good desicion making between passing, shooting and stickhandling. Played steady defensively.