Hockey’s Future 2002 Draft Center Launched!

By HF Staff

Hockey’s Future is excited to announce the launch of our 2002 Draft Center, a project that has been in the making for the last 7 months. The look and feel of this year’s edition has taken a slightly different look, and we hope that the new additions make it much more enjoyable for all. Some of the new features are as follows:

Articles pertaining to the draft are now displayed in the middle of the draft center, and we reposted all of the interviews with this year’s top prospects. Some of them were done in the beginning of the season, but in case you missed them, they are there for your enjoyment. We also plan to use this article function to relay draft news, post mock drafts from readers and our staff, and articles from other various topics.

At the top-right of the Draft Center, useful links can be found to be used as a quick reference and info center. Complete stats compiled by Paul MacDonald for the North American CSB ranked players will be updated on a regular basis, and European stats will be posted soon as well. The link to the “prospects and mock draft board” is also conveniently located here as well, as well as the link to the long awaited re-launching of HF’s Chat Room. Also located in this section as well is the “NHL Entry Draft FAQ’s”, a one-stop place to answer all those questions that are common knowledge, but easily forgotten. If you haven’t read through them yet, you will find that is full of good information for the novice or the guru.

In addition, Hockey’s Future has the players ranked by position and league or country, courtesy of the Prospect Advisor. For Subscription information, please drop them an e-mail. In addition, we will be posting their Top 30 list, which can be used to access all the profiles for the top players. The Top 30 list and league rankings will soon be updated with the release of the March issue later this week.

Please keep in mind that the players are ranked by position in their respective leagues or countries, and the profiles are constantly being updated as the CHL playoffs progress.

Our goal is to have the top 30-50 players in each league, and all the top players in each country profiled. Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and the Draft Center is always being updated with new profiles. The profiles for this year’s draft center was the work of many of our writers and editors, and the following people must be thanked for their hard work: (in no particular order)

Shane Malloy, Eugene Belaschenko, Jake Dole, Brad Coccimiglio, Jason Ahrens, Bill Thompson, Mark McDonald, Paul MacDonald, Tom Hoffert, Jeff Bromley, Glen Crichton, Dustin Nielson, Dave Donnelly, Glenn Gawronski, Nicolas Gaudreau-Dupuis, Chris Boucher, Robert Neuhauser, Ivana Paulova, Mikko Vuori, Heikki Kallionsivu, Oliver Janz, Zoran Manojlovic, Evan Andriopoulos, Johan Nilsson, Peter Westermark, Joeri Loonen, Brandon LeBourveau, Bob Chery, Chris McCluskey, Mike Simon, Steve Gionet, Erik Freeman, Peter Travato, Christa Moore, and Jason Shaner. We are sure there are more and if we forgot you, we apoligize.

Thanks for reading and we hope you find the 2002 Draft Center a useful guide and your best on-line source for hockey prospect information for the 2002 NHL Entry Draft!