Q & A with Danny Bois

By Ken McKenna

Q & A with Danny Bois

By Ken McKenna

HF: First, let’s go back to your draft day (2001). How was it to have your name called? Obviously, a lot of guys go there who are disappointed when their name isn’t called, but yours was.

DB: I didn’t expect to go on the first day. I was the last pick in that session, so I was ready to leave when they called my name. So, having my name called then was really neat.

HF: You were there with your family?

DB: Yeah, a couple of aunts and my parents.

HF: Who were your role models in the NHL?

DB: (Mario) Lemieux was always my favorite player. Even though I don’t play like him, he is still my favorite player.

HF: Are there any players you model your game after?

DB: I don’t, but people tell me I play like Mike Keane, Rick Tocchet, and those guys. But I don’t try to be like them, I just go out and play my game.

HF: So, you’d be considered more of a grinder, then.

DB: Yeah, I’m not really much of a dangler or anything like that. I’m really more of a power forward.

HF: What parts of your game do you do well that make you a NHL prospect?

DB: One-on-one battles, big hits, getting good, quick shots off in front of the net. So, things like that.

HF: Do you feel that your game has improved this season?

DB: I was sick for a while, but after that I did OK. I don’t know what it was, but I couldn