OHL Announces Coaches Poll Results

By Brad Coccimiglio

Toronto–On Tuesday the Ontario Hockey League announced the results of their annual coaches poll.

The poll allows coaches to recognize players within their conference in a number of different categories. The top three players in each category
are recognized by the league.

Coaches, who only voted for players in their own conference, were not eligible to vote for players on their own team. Players received 5 points for a 1st place vote, 3 points for a 2nd place vote and 1 point for a 3rd place vote.

A number of players in each conference were recognized in multiple categories. In the Western Conference, Erie centre Brad Boyes was tops in 4 categories. Boyes was recognized as the Smartest player, Best Playmaker, Best Stickhandler as well as Best on Face-offs. His teammate in Erie, Cory Pecker was recognized as Most Dangerous in Goal Area as well
as Best Shot. Other Multiple winners in the West include Soo Greyhound defenceman Trevor Daley who was named Best Skater for the 3rd year in a row and Fastest Skater for the 2nd straight year as well as Dennis
Wideman who was recognized as the Most Improved Player and having the Hardest Shot.

Multiple winners in the East included Zenon Konopka of Ottawa (Hardest Worker, Best on Face-offs, Best Checker, Best Defensive Forward), Miguel Delisle of Ottawa (Most Dangerous in Goal Area, Best Shot, Hardest Shot), Belleville’s Jason Spezza (Smartest Player, Best Playmaker, Best Stickhandler), and Nathan Robinson (Best Skater, Fastest Skater) as well as Barrie’s Erik Reitz (Best Body Checker, Best Penalty
Killer, Best Defensive Defenceman).

Here’s a look at the rest of the results:

Eastern Conference

Most Underrated Player
Matt Stajan, BELV/Dustin Wood, PBO (tie) (23)
Mike Smith, SBY (14)

Most Improved Player
Adam Paiement, BELV (25)
Matt Ellis, TOR (18)
Nick Lees, BAR (15)

Smartest Player
Jason Spezza, BELV (30)
Zenon Konopka, OTT (21)
Eric Staal, PBO (20)

Hardest Worker
Zenon Konopka, OTT (24)
Matt Ellis, TOR (16)
Fraser Clair, BAR/Cody McCormick, BELV (tie) (12)

Best Playmaker
Jason Spezza, BELV (43) *
Jamie Johnson, PBO (16)
Zenon Konopka, OTT (10)

Most Dangerous in Goal Area
Miguel Delisle, OTT (32)
Nathan Robinson, BELV (26)
Greg Chambers, PBO (15)

Best Skater
Nathan Robinson, BELV (39)
Lukas Krajicek, PBO (14)
Fraser Clair, BAR/Mark Popovic, TOR (tie) (12)

Fastest Skater
Nathan Robinson, BELV (43) *
Fraser Clair, BAR (19)
Jon Zion, OTT/Lukas Krajicek PBO (tie) (9)

Best Shot
Miguel Delisle, OTT (33)
Greg Chambers, PBO (22)
Jason Spezza, BELV (12)

Hardest Shot
Miguel Delisle, OTT (23)
Greg Chambers, PBO (17)
Erik Reitz, BAR (15)

Best Stickhandler
Jason Spezza, BELV (43)
Eric Staal, PBO (16)
Jamie Johnson, PBO (13)

Best on Face-offs
Zenon Konopka, OTT (37)
Matt Ellis, TOR (18)
Jason Spezza, BELV/John Kozoriz, MISS (tie) (8)

Best Checker
Zenon Konopka, OTT (30)
Cody McCormick, BELV (21)
Jon Howse, PBO (14)

Best Body Checker
Erik Reitz, BAR (23)
Doug MacIver, KGN (19)
Cody McCormick, BELV/Drew Fata, TOR (14)

Best Defensive Forward
Zenon Konopka, OTT (32)
Matt Ellis, TOR (25)
Matt Stajan, BELV (12)

Best Penalty Killer
Erik Reitz, BAR (32)
Zenon Konopka, OTT (23)
Mark Popovic, TOR (14)

Best Offensive Defenceman
Jon Zion, OTT (45) **
Mark Popovic, TOR (21)
Lukas Krajicek, PBO (18)

Best Defensive Defenceman
Erik Reitz, BAR (34)
Mark Popovic, TOR (23)
Matt Coughlin, BELV/Dustin Wood, PBO (tie) (10)

Western Conference

Most Underrated Player
Jeff Richards, SSM (24)
Scott Dobben, ER (21)
Kurt MacSweyn, BRA/Dennis Wideman, LDN (tie) (13)

Most Improved Player
Dennis Wideman, LDN (26)
John Hecimovic, SAR (19)
Luc Chiasson, GUE (18)

Smartest Player
Brad Boyes, ER (43)
Stephen Weiss, PLY (24)
Derek Roy, KIT (9)

Hardest Worker
Kris Newbury, SAR (28)
Karl Stewart, PLY (16)
Jeff Richards, SSM (15)

Best Playmaker
Brad Boyes, ER (39)
Stephen Weiss, PLY (24)
Kyle Wellwood, WSR (19)

Most Dangerous in Goal Area
Cory Pecker, ER (41)
Dustin Brown, GUE (16)
Rick Nash, LDN (9)

Best Skater
Trevor Daley, SSM (27) *
Tim Gleason, WSR (24)
Steve Eminger, KIT (14)

Fastest Skater
Trevor Daley, SSM (30) *
Karl Stewart, PLY (23)
Tim Gleason, WSR (13)

Best Shot
Cory Pecker, ER (28)
Kevin Dallman, GUE (24)
Dennis Wideman, LDN (11)

Hardest Shot
Dennis Wideman, LDN (28)
Fedor Tjutin, GUE (18)
Kris Newbury, SAR (12)

Best Stickhandler
Brad Boyes, ER (34)
Stephen Weiss, PLY (20)
Derek Roy, KIT (14)

Best on Face-offs
Brad Boyes, ER (33)
Kurt MacSweyn, BRA (20)
Martin St. Pierre, GUE (10)

Best Checker
Kris Vernarsky, PLY (20)
Kris Newbury, SAR / Kurt MacSweyn, BRA (tie) (16)

Best Body Checker
Libor Ustrnul, PLY (27)
Daniel Paille, GUE (18)
Steve Ott, WSR (17)

Best Defensive Forward
Jay McClement, BRA (28)
Kris Vernarsky, PLY (18)
Brent Kelly, SSM (15)

Best Penalty-Killer
Karl Stewart, PLY (26)
Cory Pecker, ER (19)
Dusty Jamieson, SAR (14)

Best Offensive Defenceman
Kevin Dallman, GUE (45) **
Steve Eminger, KIT (18)
Dennis Wideman, LDN (12)

Best Defensive Defenceman
Jay Harrison, BRA (22)
Jared Newman, PLY (19)
Paul Ballantyne, SSM (14)

Voting points in brackets
* – Repeat Winner
** – Unanimous Selection