Interview with Arthur Femenella

By Megan Sexton

A big thanks to Arthur Femenella for taking the time to chat with Tampa Bay Lightning Editor, Megan Sexton.
Congratulations to Arthur and the Sioux City Musketeers, who shut out Sioux Falls in the first round of the USHL playoffs,
3-0 and Good Luck to the Muskies in Round 2!

MS – The Musketeers have had a strong season this year. What role did you play in their success?

AF – I played the role of the physical defense. I am always paired against #1 line on the other team. It’s usually my job to
shut down goal scorers. I think I did that pretty well.

MS – Your penalty minutes dropped significantly since last season, are you doing anything different?

AF – I think I am concentrating on being more physical between the whistles.

MS – Has that allowed you to focus more on your offense?

AF – I am spending a lot less time in the box, which opens up more opportunities on ice

MS – Last year you led the league in major’s, yet this year you’re not even in the top 5. Have you found guys less
willing to go, now that they know you’re the real deal?

AF – I think that’s a good way of putting it, there are only so many times that a guy is going to stand up to you.

MS – How important is your reputation as a tough guy?</P>

AF – I wouldn’t say it is that important. I pride myself more on being a defensive defenseman than being a tough guy. It
happens once and a while, but I don’t skate around like a tough guy. If stuff gets out of line and one of their guys are going
after one of our smaller guys, then I step up.

MS – Do you pattern yourself after an NHL enforcer?

AF – No.

MS – Do you ever watch fight tapes to study and learn techniques and tendencies?

AF – No, definitely not.

MS – Beyond the rough stuff, what do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of your game?

AF – I think strengths would be my one-on-one play. It is real tough to get around a big guy like me. I think for a big guy I
skate really well, there are not to many 6’7 guys who can skate like I can. My physical play is a big strength as well. As a
big guy I am always trying to improve my foot speed. I also try to work on my puck control.

MS – How was Paul Vincent’s camp last summer?

AF – It was great. I have known Paul for a long time. I went to his camp when I was a kid for like seven years.

MS – What are your plans for next season, since this is your last year in the USHL?

AF – I’m going to college. I’m not exactly sure where yet. I have a couple of offers on the table and we are weighing them