Guelph Storm season preview

By pbadmin

It’s that time of year again. Finally, after waiting about 6 months, the new season is about to start again. The Guelph Storm once again look like they are going to be contenders. After seeing the Storm play through the preseason with a record of 3 wins, 1 loss and 2 ties, they look to be a well rounded team.

With an overager problem, Storm have been rotating the four O.A.’s. The two who are most likely to stay with the team are forwards Joe Gerbe and Bob Crummmer. The other two are Chris Madden and Darryl Knight. If Madden stays then the Storm will have three goalies and will have to send one somewhere else. Mind you, Millar did say he was going to keep three goalies. But will one become trade bait or will he just rotate the three of them and give them all an even chance? Darryl Knight would provide a problem, on the front line with the Storm already having a problem fitting everyone into the line up. Plus the Storm are still waiting for Charlie Stephens to come back from his N.H.L. team. It will be interesting to see what Millar does with this situation.

In goal, as stated before, there is a problem. With three goalies and one of them an overager, I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade either Madden or Mike D’Alessandro and keep Craig Andersson. All three of them had O.K. preseason games, but nothing spectacular. I guess with time, they will get back into the “groove” of things.

My amazement comes with how well Ian Forbes has improved his game over the summer. He plays with his size more and I think he has “finally grown into his body!” Kevin Mitchell and Kevin Dallman still are the offensive defencemen. Even though they are both small at 5 feet 11 inches tall, they both make a big impact on the team. Two rookies that stand out among the team are John Hedberg from Duluth, MN and Radek Matalik from the Czech. Rep. Both can contribute offensively and defensively. Also returning from last year is, Matt Rock. Matt hasn’t really improved all that much since the off season. With not much improvement we will have to wait and see if he is going to develop or stay the same. It would be nice if he put a couple more pounds on and used it to his advantage.

Last but not least are the forwards. Eric Beaudion, Bob Crummer, Joe Gerbe, Nathan Herrington, Frank Jolette, Brent Kelly, Lindsay Plunkett and Bo Subr all have shown some pick up in their games. Of course, the opposition will still try to pick up the mighty Joe Gerbe, but that won’t stop him from trying to score a goal. Charlie Stephens missed the pre-season while at Washington’s training camp. If anyone else more surprised with Guelph’s 12 round draft pick, Aran Myers, it’s just the beginning. Home grown talent that can show some of the vet’s a thing or two is worth watching. Other notables are Peter Flashe at 6 foot 5 inches, and Andrew Brown. Brown who scored the game winner against the Knights at home with only 32 seconds left has certainly filled some of the gaps left by the graduated players.

After a great preseason, and with players like Beaudion, Kelly, Jolette, Subr, Herrington, Stephens, and Plunkett who could all score over 30 goals this year and maybe even more, it would seem to be leading to another exciting year. It should be interesting with teams like Kitchener and Brampton who are in the building stages. This could be the year that they break out.