OHL Priority Draft Results

By League Press Release

TORONTO – The 2002 Ontario Hockey League Priority Selection took place today
in Toronto, the second year the league’s player entry draft has been
conducted entirely via the internet.

The first round of the Priority Selection took 37 minutes to complete on
Saturday morning. All 20 OHL teams set up their own work areas at their
various locales and were all connected through the OHL head office in
Toronto, making the OHL the only league to conduct its Priority Selection
via the internet.

The Mississauga Ice Dogs made Robbie Schremp the first overall pick at the
2002 Ontario Hockey League Priority Selection Saturday.

“It’s an honour to be selected,” Schremp said. “It’s an exciting day and I’m
looking forward to being a part of the organization.

“I’m an offensive minded player but I just want to work hard and do what I
can to help the team.”

Schremp, a 6-foot-1 left centre, is a native of Syracuse, New York who
played for the Syracuse Jr. A’s last season, scoring 42 goals and 51 assists
for 93 points.

“With the first overall pick you have to take the best player available and
that’s what we did,” said Mississauga general manager Trevor Whiffen. “We’re
delighted he’s going to be a part of our hockey club.”

Don Cherry feels that with Patrick O’Sullivan already on board, the Ice Dogs
will have a high-powered offensive team.

“We had the rookie-of-the-year last year and we’ll have the
rookie-of-the-year next year,” Cherry said. “I’m really excited about having
Robbie with us next season.”

With the second overall selection, the Kingston Frontenacs took defenceman
Wes O’Neill from the Chatham Junior B’s.

O’Neill had nine goals and 31 assists for points last season.

Follow the complete results of the OHL Priority Selection at

No.,OHL Team,Player Name,Pos.,Team Name
1,Mississauga IceDogs,Robbie Schremp ,LC ,Syracuse
2,Kingston Frontenacs,Wes O'Neill ,LD ,Chatham
3,Brampton Battalion,Wojtek Wolski ,LW ,St. Michael`s Buzzers
4,Owen Sound Attack,Dan LaCosta ,G ,Wellington Dukes
5,Saginaw Spirit,Jean-Michel Rizk ,RW ,Sudbury Northern Wolves
6,Oshawa Generals,Adam Berti ,LW ,Oshawa
7,Sudbury Wolves,Brett Connolly ,LC ,Ajax-Pickering
8,London Knights,Dave Bolland ,RC ,Toronto Red Wings
9,Sarnia Sting,Todd Perry ,LD ,Char-Lan
10,Windsor Spitfires,Mitchell Maunu ,LW ,Thunder Bay Kings
11,Peterborough Petes,Jordan Morrison ,LC ,Toronto Red Wings
12,Kitchener Rangers,Evan McGrath ,LC ,Oakville
13,Guelph Storm,Ryan Garlock ,LC ,Timmins
14,Ottawa 67's,Kyle Wharton ,LD ,Ottawa Valley
15,Belleville Bulls,Mike Duncan ,LD ,Mt. Brydges
16,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Tyler Kennedy ,RC ,Sault Ste. Marie
17,Barrie Colts,Hunter Tremblay ,LW ,Timmins Majors
18,Erie Otters,Michael Blunden ,RC ,Gloucester
19,St. Michael's Majors,Scott Lehman ,LD ,Tecumseh
20,Plymouth Whalers,Taylor Razska ,LW ,Detroit Jr. Wings Midgets

21,Mississauga IceDogs,Danny Revelle ,LC ,Kingston Voyageurs
22,Kingston Frontenacs,Clay McFadden ,RC ,Rideau St. Lawrence
23,Brampton Battalion,Dan Marziani ,RD ,Chicago Chill
24,Owen Sound Attack,Andrew Maksym ,RW ,Port Colborne
25,Saginaw Spirit,Daniel Borges ,LC ,Mississauga Senators
26,Oshawa Generals,Kyle Raftis ,LD ,North York Rangers
27,Sudbury Wolves,Howie Martin ,LC ,Mississauga Senators
28,London Knights,Robert Drummond ,RC ,London
29,Sarnia Sting,Michael Haley ,LC ,Oshawa Carlo's Midgets
30,Belleville Bulls,Darcy Tuplin ,LC ,Oleary Jr. B
31,Peterborough Petes,Patrick Kaleta ,RW ,West Seneca Wings
32,Kitchener Rangers,Carlo Di Rienzo ,G ,North York Rangers
33,London Knights,Adam Nemeth ,RD ,Tecumseh
34,Ottawa 67's,Peter Tsimikalis ,LC ,Tor. Young Nats
35,Sudbury Wolves,Craig Voakes ,LC ,Elgin-Middlesex
36,Ottawa 67's,Bryan Bickell ,LW ,Toronto Red Wings
37,Barrie Colts,Evan Brophey ,LC ,Waterloo
38,Saginaw Spirit,Brandon Burns ,LD ,"Pittsburgh Hornets ""86s"" "
39,St. Michael's Majors,Nathan McIver ,LD ,Summerside Jr. A
40,Plymouth Whalers,Trevor Waddell ,RD ,Toronto Red Wings

41,Oshawa Generals,Michael McLean ,LC ,Oshawa
42,Kingston Frontenacs,Ryan Stephenson ,LW ,Elgin-Middlesex
43,Brampton Battalion,Geordie Michie ,LC ,Nepean Raiders
44,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Rick Caughell ,RD ,Thunder Bay Kings
45,Peterborough Petes,Bryan Young ,LD ,Peterborough Petes
46,Owen Sound Attack,Ryan Minoletti ,LD ,Thunder Bay Kings
47,Sudbury Wolves,Sean Grendus ,LW ,North York Rangers
48,Erie Otters,Kory Helowka ,LW ,North York Rangers
49,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Matt Lashoff ,LD ,Avon Old Farms
50,Windsor Spitfires,Jeff Leavitt ,LC ,Quinte Red Devils
51,Peterborough Petes,Liam Reddox ,LC ,Toronto Young Nationals
52,Kitchener Rangers,Matt Auffrey ,RW ,Syracuse
53,Kingston Frontenacs,Peder Skinner ,LC ,Mississauga Rebels
54,Ottawa 67's,Brodie Beard ,LD ,Timmins
55,Belleville Bulls,Cody Thornton ,RW ,Huron-Perth
56,Guelph Storm,Alexandre Lacombe ,LC ,Gloucester
57,Barrie Colts,Ryan Olidis ,LW ,Markham Waxers
58,Erie Otters,Derrick Bagshaw ,LC ,Oshawa
59,St. Michael's Majors,Justin Peters ,G ,Huron-Perth
60,Saginaw Spirit,Kevin Porter ,LW ,Michigan Ice Dogs 85's

61,Mississauga IceDogs,Chris Chimienti ,LD ,Mississauga Rebels
62,Kitchener Rangers,Patrick Davis ,RC ,Detroit Belle Tire
63,Brampton Battalion,Daniel Vukovic ,RD ,Toronto Red Wings
64,Mississauga IceDogs,Justin Hofstetter ,LD ,Cambridge
65,Windsor Spitfires,Kyle Knechtel ,G ,Cambridge
66,Brampton Battalion,Brock McPherson ,LC ,Notre Dame Hounds
67,Windsor Spitfires,Jared Cipparone ,LW ,Sun County
68,London Knights,Trevor Kell ,RW ,Thunder Bay Kings
69,Belleville Bulls,Christopher Rylands ,RD ,Niagara Falls
70,Sarnia Sting,Steve Ward ,RD ,North York Rangers
71,Sudbury Wolves,Jonathan D'Aversa ,RD ,Richmond Hill Stars
72,Brampton Battalion,Eliott McCormick ,RW ,Nepean Raiders
73,Guelph Storm,Mark Versteeg-Lytwyn ,LW ,York Simcoe Express
74,Ottawa 67's,Brad White ,LW ,Brampton
75,Belleville Bulls,Jordan Grant ,LW ,Toronto Young Nationals
76,London Knights,Ryan Pottruff ,RD ,Woodstock Bantams
77,Barrie Colts,Andrew Marshall ,LD ,Niagara Falls
78,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Jordan Owens ,LW ,Niagara Falls
79,St. Michael's Majors,Joe Rand ,LW ,Hamilton Reps
80,Plymouth Whalers,Mike Letizia ,LD ,Chicago Young Amer. 85's

81,Sarnia Sting,Brandon Scero ,LW ,Plymouth Compuware 86's
82,Windsor Spitfires,Stephen Ludzik ,LC ,Niagara Falls
83,Oshawa Generals,Bret Nasby ,RD ,Stoney Creek
84,St. Michael's Majors,Ty Raine ,RC ,Markham Waxers
85,Guelph Storm,Tyler Haskins ,LC ,Sioux City Jr. A
86,Plymouth Whalers,Eddie Wheeler ,G ,Leamington
87,Sarnia Sting,Drew Larman ,RC ,Tecumseh
88,Windsor Spitfires,Brett Liscomb ,LW ,Char-Lan
89,Sarnia Sting,Kelsey Wilson ,LW ,Sault Ste. Marie
90,Windsor Spitfires,Ben Heersink ,LD ,Oakville
91,Peterborough Petes,Peter Aston ,RD ,Markham Waxers
92,Peterborough Petes,Corey Gault ,RC ,Richmond Hill Stars
93,Belleville Bulls,Thomas Samaris ,G ,New York Applecore Jr. C
94,Ottawa 67's,Robbie Lawrance ,LD ,Sioux Lookout High School
95,Belleville Bulls,Grant Cooper ,LD ,St. John's Maple Leafs Midget
96,Kitchener Rangers,Peter Franchin ,LW ,North York Rangers
97,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Jason Pitton ,RW ,Brampton
98,Erie Otters,Vince Scott ,LW ,Toronto Marlboros
99,Owen Sound Attack,Brendan Duncan ,LW ,Thunder Bay Kings
100,Saginaw Spirit,Marty Gurnoe ,LD ,Soo Indians Midget

101,Kingston Frontenacs,Jared Boll ,RC ,Chicago Chill
102,Kingston Frontenacs,Chad Kolarik ,RC ,Deerfield Academy
103,Ottawa 67's,John Carter ,RC ,Detroit Honeybaked 86's
104,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Shawn Williams ,G ,"Pittsburgh Hornets ""86s"" "
105,Saginaw Spirit,Todd McIllrath ,LW ,Detroit Honeybaked 86's
106,Oshawa Generals,Tyler Donati ,LW ,Oakville
107,Sudbury Wolves,Jesse Adair ,LD ,Brampton
108,London Knights,Tim Thomas ,LW ,Rideau St. Lawrence
109,Plymouth Whalers,Danny Lefort ,RD ,Toronto Red Wings
110,Kitchener Rangers,Cam Fergus ,RC ,Cambridge
111,Peterborough Petes,Aaron Djekic ,G ,Toronto Marlboros
112,Kitchener Rangers,Ryan Brush ,LD ,Mississauga Reps
113,Belleville Bulls,Kyle Sonnenburg ,LD ,Waterloo
114,Sudbury Wolves,Rusty Masters ,LC ,Quinte Red Devils
115,Windsor Spitfires,David Hamm ,RW ,Hamilton Reps
116,Plymouth Whalers,Gino Pisellini ,RW ,Team Illinois
117,Barrie Colts,Chris Rowan ,G ,Oakville
118,Windsor Spitfires,Victor Oreskovich ,RC ,St. Catharine
119,London Knights,Daniel Torres ,LC ,Markham Islanders
120,Guelph Storm,Andrew Hotham ,LD ,Barrie Icemen

121,Mississauga IceDogs,David Shantz ,G ,Hamilton Reps
122,Kingston Frontenacs,Blake Berkhout ,RC ,Hamilton Reps
123,Brampton Battalion,Matt Beca ,RC ,Mississauga Reps
124,Owen Sound Attack,Matt Primeau ,LD ,Windsor
125,Saginaw Spirit,Michael McKenzie ,LW ,Whitby Wildcats
126,Oshawa Generals,Andrew Gibbons ,RW ,Oshawa
127,Sudbury Wolves,Ian Keserich ,G ,Cleveland Barons 1986
128,Plymouth Whalers,Kevin Swallow ,RW ,Plymouth Compuware
129,Sarnia Sting,Adam Abrahamson ,RW ,Detroit Little Caesars 86's
130,Windsor Spitfires,Joseph Grimaldi ,RD ,New York Bobcats
131,Peterborough Petes,Andrew Fagan ,LW ,Ajax-Pickering
132,Barrie Colts,Nicholas Plastino ,RD ,Sault Ste. Marie
133,Guelph Storm,Joey Pell ,LD ,Kenora Midgets
134,London Knights,Jeff Shattler ,LC ,Toronto Marlies
135,Belleville Bulls,Joey Piccone ,RW ,Toronto Red Wings
136,Guelph Storm,Matt Connors ,RW ,Nichols School
137,Guelph Storm,Danny Taylor ,G ,Cumberland
138,Sarnia Sting,Jamie Heywood ,RD ,St. Catharines
139,St. Michael's Majors,Brent Small ,LW ,Ajax-Pickering
140,Peterborough Petes,Jesse Graham ,RC ,Sudbury Lockerby

141,Mississauga IceDogs,David Shearer ,RD ,Quinte Red Devils
142,St. Michael's Majors,Mike Tansey ,LW ,Cambridge
143,Mississauga IceDogs,Chad Painchaud ,LW ,Mississauga Rebels
144,Mississauga IceDogs,Cory Cassell ,LD ,Rideau St. Lawrence
145,Saginaw Spirit,Ken Blain ,LC ,Sun County
146,Oshawa Generals,Jordan Bonneville ,RD ,Waterloo
147,Brampton Battalion,Matthew Spezza ,G ,Mississauga Senators
148,London Knights,Tim Scholz ,LW ,Guelph
149,Sarnia Sting,David Lyall ,LD ,Markham Waxers
150,Windsor Spitfires,Cal O'Reilly ,LC ,Huron-Perth
151,Peterborough Petes,Mike Testa ,LW ,Gloucester
152,Kitchener Rangers,Nicholas Schaus ,RD ,Buffalo Saints 85's
153,Guelph Storm,Jamie Vanderveeken ,LW ,Wallaceburg Lakers
154,Ottawa 67's,Marcus Daley ,LW ,Barrie Icemen
155,Belleville Bulls,Shaun Clinton ,LW ,London
156,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Jacob King ,RC ,Sault Ste. Marie
157,Barrie Colts,Kevin Schmidt ,LD ,Markham Waxers
158,Windsor Spitfires,Jason Towsley ,RC ,Windsor
159,Owen Sound Attack,Charlie Giffin ,LC ,Oakville
160,Plymouth Whalers,Craig Cescon ,LC ,Markham Islanders

161,Mississauga IceDogs,Nathan Hooper ,LW ,Hamilton Reps
162,Kingston Frontenacs,Stuart Naylor ,RW ,Hamilton
163,Brampton Battalion,Michael Vernace ,LD ,Mississauga Reps
164,Oshawa Generals,Zach Kleiman ,G ,Nepean Raiders
165,Saginaw Spirit,Jason DeSantis ,RD ,Detroit Honeybaked 86's
166,Oshawa Generals,Sam Campbell ,LC ,Hamilton
167,Sudbury Wolves,Mike Nemeth ,RW ,Brantford
168,London Knights,Travis Turnbull ,RC ,St. Louis Blues 86's
169,Plymouth Whalers,Greg Geurtjens ,LC ,Guelph
170,Peterborough Petes,Greg Stewart ,LW ,Waterloo
171,Peterborough Petes,Connor MacDonald ,RD ,Sherwood (PEI) Midget
172,Kitchener Rangers,John Gordon ,LD ,Lindsay Muskies
173,Barrie Colts,Travis Fuller ,LW ,Ottawa Valley
174,Ottawa 67's,Brad Hartley ,RW ,Kingston
175,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Andrew Manuel ,G ,Rideau St. Lawrence
176,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Andy Lamoureux ,RD ,York Simcoe Express
177,Barrie Colts,Justin Johnston ,LD ,Detroit Honeybaked 86's
178,Erie Otters,Adam Armonas ,LW ,Halton Hurricanes
179,St. Michael's Majors,Will Carpenter ,RD ,Detroit Honeybaked 86's
180,Plymouth Whalers,Luke Lucyk ,LD ,Team Wisconsin

181,Saginaw Spirit,Matt Pike ,,Oakville
182,Peterborough Petes,Brendan Sherrard ,RW ,Toronto Red Wings
183,Brampton Battalion,Patrick Sweeney ,LW ,Nepean Raiders
184,Owen Sound Attack,William White ,RW ,Peterborough Petes
185,Saginaw Spirit,Joe Milo ,RW ,Toronto Marlboros
186,Owen Sound Attack,Michael Grimes ,LC ,Peterborough Petes
187,Sudbury Wolves,Shawn Potvin ,LD ,Cumberland
188,Kitchener Rangers,Mike Chmielewski ,RW ,St. Catharines
189,London Knights,Matthew Carroll ,LW ,Ajax-Pickering
190,Windsor Spitfires,Michael Cox ,RW ,Detroit Belle Tire
191,Kingston Frontenacs,Billy Burke ,LC ,Toronto Marlboros
192,Kitchener Rangers,Daniel Larocque ,RD ,Oshawa
193,Guelph Storm,Andrew Dissanayake ,LC ,Ajax-Pickering
194,Ottawa 67's,Darrell Simich ,LD ,Mississauga Rebels
195,Belleville Bulls,Shawn Fensel ,RD ,Nepean Raiders
196,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Mathieu Brunet ,LW ,Sault Ste. Marie
197,Kitchener Rangers,Michael Willemson ,LW ,Ottawa Valley
198,Erie Otters,Dan Tormey ,G ,Syracuse
199,Mississauga IceDogs,Nathaniel Brooks ,LW ,North York Canadiens
200,London Knights,Josh Francis ,LD ,Bancroft

201,Mississauga IceDogs,Brennan Barker ,LD ,Char-Lan
202,Kingston Frontenacs,Blake Pronk ,LC ,Elgin-Middlesex
203,Brampton Battalion,Michael Worrell ,LD ,North York Canadiens
204,Owen Sound Attack,Brad Sharpe ,RD ,Quinte Red Devils
205,Saginaw Spirit,Gene Falsetto ,RW ,Nepean Raiders
206,Oshawa Generals,Zachary Greer ,LC ,Whitby Wildcats
207,Sudbury Wolves,Benoit Pouliot ,LW ,Eastern Ontario
208,London Knights,Andre Neveu ,LD ,Eastern Ontario
209,Barrie Colts,Joe Hall ,RC ,Chicago Chill
210,Windsor Spitfires,Brad McKenzie ,LW ,Oakville
211,Peterborough Petes,Kyle Sorensen ,RD ,Peterborough Petes
212,Kitchener Rangers,Matt Van Egmond ,G ,Seaway Valley
213,Guelph Storm,Dan Bakker ,LC ,Barrie Icemen
214,Ottawa 67's,Ian Dams ,G ,Ottawa Valley
215,Belleville Bulls,Christopher Raymond Belnap ,RC ,Toronto Aero Bantam
216,Erie Otters,Jason Speight ,RW ,Clarington
217,Barrie Colts,Chris Morrison ,RC ,Cambridge
218,Erie Otters,Darryl Drake ,RW ,London
219,St. Michael's Majors,Connor Cameron ,LW ,Wellington Dukes
220,Plymouth Whalers,Jon Marshall ,RC ,Perington Blades

221,Mississauga IceDogs,Alex Ennaffati ,LD ,Mississauga Senators
222,Kingston Frontenacs,Sean DeMuynck ,RD ,Elgin-Middlesex
223,Brampton Battalion,Matthew Unruh ,RD ,North York Rangers
224,Owen Sound Attack,Rob Bonhomme ,LD ,Kitchener
225,Saginaw Spirit,Chase Ryan ,RD ,Chicago Chill
226,Oshawa Generals,Jeff Oke ,RW ,Elgin-Middlesex
227,Sudbury Wolves,Tyler Kelloway ,LD ,Mississauga Reps
228,London Knights,Dennis Dewar ,RW ,Huron-Perth
229,Sarnia Sting,Blake MacDonald ,G ,Mooretown
230,Windsor Spitfires,Dan Eves ,LW ,Detroit Honeybaked 86's
231,Peterborough Petes,Robert Groom ,LW ,Thunder Bay Kings
232,Kitchener Rangers,Joel Sheppard ,LW ,York Simcoe Express
233,Guelph Storm,Alan Dorich ,RD ,Team Illinois
234,Ottawa 67's,Nick Davis ,RW ,Oakville
235,Belleville Bulls,Mitch Gaylord ,LW ,Quinte Red Devils
236,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Kyle Schwende ,RW ,Waterloo
237,Barrie Colts,Mark Fraser ,LD ,Gloucester
238,Erie Otters,Kyle O'Boyle ,RD ,Whitby Wildcats
239,St. Michael's Majors,Andrew Ferguson ,LC ,Brantford
240,Plymouth Whalers,Nik Sellers ,RW ,Plymouth Compuware 86's

241,Mississauga IceDogs,Adam DeJong ,LC ,Kitchener Rangers
242,Kingston Frontenacs,Peter Drikos ,RD ,Mississauga Rebels
243,Brampton Battalion,Darren Machesny ,G ,Elgin-Middlesex
244,Owen Sound Attack,Devin McElroy ,LW ,Mississauga Senators
245,Saginaw Spirit,Mike Mills ,LW ,Sudbury Lockerby
246,Oshawa Generals,Philippe Etter ,LD ,Cumberland
247,Sudbury Wolves,Darrell Hiscock ,RC ,Wexford Raiders
248,London Knights,Ryan Wildfang ,LC ,Toronto Young Nationals
249,Sarnia Sting,Nick Tuzzolino ,RD ,Buffalo
250,Windsor Spitfires,Scott Campbell ,RD ,Detroit Honeybaked 86's
251,Peterborough Petes,Blake Cross ,G ,Quinte Red Devils
252,Kitchener Rangers,Stefan Wonfor ,LD ,Mississauga Senators
253,Guelph Storm,David Nicoletti ,LD ,Toronto Marlies
254,Ottawa 67's,Daniel Sullivan ,RW ,Nepean Raiders
255,Guelph Storm,Rick Lynch ,LD ,Buffalo
256,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Michael Campbell ,LD ,Blenheim
257,Barrie Colts,Kyle Zettler ,LC ,North York Canadiens
258,St. Michael's Majors,Bryan Peters ,RW ,Stoney Creek
259,St. Michael's Majors,Nick Gerasimoff ,RD ,Sun County
260,Plymouth Whalers,Matthew Cleveland ,G ,Chicago Chill

261,Mississauga IceDogs,Anthony Ferrante ,G ,Mississauga Reps
262,Kingston Frontenacs,Seth Klerer ,RW ,Tor. Young Nats
263,Brampton Battalion,Mathew Goodwin ,LC ,Whitby Wildcats
264,Owen Sound Attack,Jeff Wiseman ,RD ,Toronto Marlboros
265,Saginaw Spirit,Jamie Silverson ,LD ,Thunder Bay Kings
266,Oshawa Generals,Kyle Kerr ,RD ,North York Rangers
267,Sudbury Wolves,Kevin Beech ,G ,Brantford
268,London Knights,Adam Sergerie ,LW ,Thunder Bay Kings
269,Sarnia Sting,Tyler Vivian ,LC ,Mitchell Bantams
270,Erie Otters,Tyler Stitt ,RD ,Kirkland Lake Legion 87's
271,Peterborough Petes,Selection Passed,,
272,Kitchener Rangers,Stephen Cornelissen ,RD ,Clarington
273,Guelph Storm,Alex Penner ,LW ,Don Mills Flyers
274,Ottawa 67's,Ian Lockman ,LW ,Borderland Thunder
275,Belleville Bulls,Brock McBride ,LC ,Seaway Valley
276,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Brad Good ,RD ,Kitchener Rangers
277,Barrie Colts,Joel Shaw ,LW ,Lambton
278,Erie Otters,Shawn Peden ,LD ,Toronto Young Nationals
279,St. Michael's Majors,Kyle Clancy ,G ,Whitby Wildcats
280,Plymouth Whalers,Taylor Stone ,RD ,Kitchener Rangers

281,Mississauga IceDogs,Ryan Wilkinson ,RD ,Burlington Eagles
282,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Chris Ziomek ,LW ,Detroit Honeybaked 86's
283,Brampton Battalion,Josh Boyd ,LC ,Lambton
284,Owen Sound Attack,Peter Cowan ,LC ,Port Carling Bantam
285,Saginaw Spirit,Nick Decroo ,RW ,"Pittsburgh Hornets ""86s"" "
286,Oshawa Generals,Justin Donati ,RC ,Oakville
287,Sudbury Wolves,Jonathan Matsumoto ,LC ,Cumberland
288,London Knights,Danny Richmond ,LD ,Chicago Steel Jr. A
289,Ottawa 67's,Mark Smith ,RD ,Ottawa Valley
290,Windsor Spitfires,Selection Passed,,
291,Kitchener Rangers,John-David McNamara ,G ,Westmall Lightning
292,Kitchener Rangers,Tim St. Pierre ,LW ,Stoney Creek
293,Guelph Storm,Alex Okrzesik ,G ,"Pittsburgh Hornets ""86s"" "
294,Erie Otters,Ian Boots ,RC ,Salmon River (NY)
295,Belleville Bulls,Trevor Elliott ,RW ,Toronto Young Nationals
296,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Jarret Peterson ,LW ,Elgin-Middlesex
297,Barrie Colts,Kenny May ,LC ,Sudbury Lockerby
298,S.S. Marie Greyhounds,Andrew Desjardins ,LC ,Onaping Falls
299,St. Michael's Majors,Thomas Waugh ,LW ,Summerside (PEI) Midgets
300,Plymouth Whalers,Steve Bandurski ,RW ,Plymouth Compuware 86's