Second round picks

By Michael Theodore

A look at some second round picks.

Rob Globke is seeing his stock fall at the moment and it’s after a season in which he didn’t meet expectations or his skill level playing for Notre Dame. The center/right wing has descent speed and hands to go along with a 6’2, 205 pound frame. His game however is raw and he needs to work on his game as he doesn’t see the ice as well as he could. He lacks consistency but it’s easy to forget that despite two years of college experience he is still just 19 years old. His commitment to the team is unparalleled and he works hard every shift. If he lasts to the second round he’s a definite option.

Ben Eager is another kid who was slated for a first round selection but has seen his stock take a tumble since. The massive winger loves to fight and play physical but hasn’t scored like expected. Originally he was seen as the ultimate power forward capable of fighting and scoring so far seems more like a fighter who will chip in the odd goal. He could go either way joining the likes of Bertuzzi and Tkachuk or developing into the mold of a Mike Brown. Still 6’2 1/2, 215 pound kids who can skate good and are willing to play physical are hard to come by.

Brandon Segal is a big hard working winger who could potentially be a steal in the second round. Unlike Globke and Eager both of whom could be gone by round two, Segal is seen as a second, third or even fourth round selection. Brandon is built like a fire hydrant and has a nasty side to his game. He knows his own end well and managed to net 40 goals for Calgary in the WHL. If there is a down side it’s that he lacks a gear and that might prevent him from advancing in the pro game. Still in a draft that is wide open after the first two, he might be worth taking a look at in round two.

Tim Brent is a smallish center who is very good on face-offs. He isn’t the big winger the Rangers are looking for might be worth a look because of his solid overall game. Brent isn’t without a scoring touch and in fact is actually a good skater as well. He rose 8 spots on CSB’s final rankings.

Gregory Campbell isn’t very big nor is he an offensive dynamo. He is however one of the smarter two way players in this draft and certainly ranks amongst it’s better skaters. He played with some passion this year too and had 105 PIM. He has some upside and might develop into a second line center. He can also play left wing or center. One knock on him is that he doesn’t shoot often enough.

Adam Henrich is the younger brother of Oilers prospect Michael Henrich and like his brother is seeing his stock slip as the draft draws nears. Adam’s game is very similar to Michael’s and that is causing some alarm. Like his brother Adam doesn’t always use his size to his advantage but also like his brother he’s a big kid who can score. At 6’4, 214 he’ll need to keep working on his skating so that he doesn’t lag behind, but the scoring touch is already there. If he plays with a mean streak and keeps working on his skating he could be a nice second line winger.

Petr Kanko is the type of player that causes NHL GM’s to lose sleep. At 5’10, 190 he is very small by NHL standards. His numbers though solid are only the tip of the iceberg of his potential, but still disappointing. Kanko is perhaps one of the top skaters in the draft and has breakout speed that is very impressive. He is still putting all the pieces together but this is a kid who has the potential to be one of the best players to come out this draft. He is a wild card though, he might go in the top 15 or he might slip down to the second round.

Brian Lee jumped 20 points in CSB’s final rankings after a strong season for Erie of the OHL. The lanky defenseman played a solid positional game and showed a mean streak as well. He made go outlet passes and was very impressive in the playoffs with his poise. He has the potential to be a number four, stay at home defenseman with the ability to make smart passes. He’ll need to fill out before making the jump.

Erik Christensen would have benefited from playing on a better team, instead his minus rating hurts his stock as a two play center. Not very big but involved in the plays, Erik doesn’t do one thing exceptionally well but does many things quietly. He’s not a very fast skater but makes smart plays, he’s a bit of a long shot for the high 30’s and will probably slip into the third round.

Boyd Gordon of Red Deer is a player who got better as the season wore on and had a very good playoffs. He’s more of a third line, hard working winger who doesn’t really drop the gloves but won’t back down. One area he is particularly good at is camping in front of the net.

Lance Monych saw his play drop in the second half of the season and saw his stock take a hit as a result. The big RW for Brandon hit the wall around midseason and his second half number will almost definitely throw him out of the first round. Still he has good speed and balance and can play mean when motivated. There are times he needs to get involved more and looks like he is floating, but he still has as much talent as many of the first rounders.

Aaron Rome of Swift Current is a puck moving defenseman who played with a lot more grit then expected this season. At 6’1, 200 pounds he isn’t very big but competes hard and makes solid passes. He’ll join the rush but must learn to balance that with his defensive responsibilities. He is built very solid and has strong balance, but must improve his skating a little. Might slip into the first round. Sather might like him because he move the puck effectively but has size and a nasty streak.

Andy Thompson of Kootenay is a mean, hard hitting defenseman with size. He looks bigger then his listed size and plays the way you want to see a big young defenseman play. He has a good first pass out of his own zone but at times looked afraid to join the rush. He won’t put a lot of points on the board but will be a very smart defenseman who anchors a pairing with a smaller more offensive partner.

Matt Stajan of Belleville could fall anywhere from number 11 to number 35 depending on who you talk to. Some feel he is a one way player who hasn’t lived up to his potential. Other’s use that potential and project him as having a shot at becoming a very good NHL player. The odds are likely he’ll get nabbed somewhere in the late teens or early 20’s but if he slips, he’d be a very interesting pick.

Brian McConell of B.U. is a 6’1, 195 pound center who came out of nowhere to surprise people. He plays with a physical edge and has scoring instinct. He might make a better winger. Still he looks like a lock for the second round and if he keeps developing could be a steal in the second round.