JOIN NOW! Hockey’s Future Mock Draft Challenge

By Mock Draft Challenge

Hockey’s Future is excited to announce what we hope will become another annual event here, the Hockey’s Future Mock Draft Challenge! (catchy name, isnt it?)

Before sending in your lists, there are a few rules to be followed:

1. Only one entry per e-mail address
2. E-mail must be sent in “Plain Text Format”
3. Lists must be sent in with one name per line.
4. You can list just the last name of the player to be selected, and in the case of two players with the same name, list first and last. No need to give explanations as to why the picks, or anything else….just the names!
5. No speculating on trades, this will only be how you see the top 30 players being picked.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, here is how the challenge will be run. Your lists will be comprised of players only, and there is no need to send in what teams they are going to. Just send in your top 30 players in the order you see them going in the draft

In the event of a tie-breaker in the scoring system we have devised, winners with the same amount of points will be picked randomly by either a complex series of algorithyms, the dart board method, or by some kind of wild animal, preferably a primate of some kind.

We will do our best to acquire some prizes for the top 3 winners, but as a disclaimer we aren’t guaranteeing this!

So if you are ready for the challenge and you think you might be the one to predict how the top 30 players will unfold, click on the Author Name above and send your lists! Winners will be notified by e-mail a few days after the draft.

Deadline to get entries in is June 18th.