Chart Toppers: The Toronto Maple Leafs Prospect Ladder Redux

By Steve Gandour

Brad Boyes on the strength of his second straight Red
Tillson trophy and first ever Wayne Gretzky 99 award has finally
usurped Mikael Tellqvist as the top prospect in the Maple Leafs
farm system. For his part, Tellqvist, rebounded well from a shaky
start with a solid end to his year and still remains the top ranked
Leaf netminder in the pipeline, but he faces a stiff challenge from
Sebastien Centomo who rose all they way up from #17 to #4.
Centomo’s brilliant year however was not enough to pass the Leafs
top ranked defenseman, Karel Pilar who rose 5 spots on the
charts to set the standard for Leaf defenseman. Pilar landed in at
number 3, two spots ahead of former leading defenseman,
Carlo Colaiacovo who drops two spots this season.

dropped two spots on the charts on the basis of his lack
of production and thus Alexei Ponikarovsky remained secure
at number 6. The highest first timer to the charts checks in at number
8, as Jay Harrison on the strength of his break out offensive
number and continuous hits has made a huge impression. While Luca
stood still on the charts, he watched as Petr Svoboda
took a nose dive 6 spots on the basis of a dissapointing follow
up number to his previous years success. Almost dropping as fast,
Jeff Farkas on the basis of a complete stall out of the
gates dropped by 4 notches. Jeff’s last minute comeback tour kept him
just barely ahead of the charging Kyle Wellwood who used his
feistiness and playoff heart to raise 3 notches in the ranks.

Jaroslav Sklenar stood still at number 13 while dropping 4 notches
to number 14 was Tomas Mojzis whose playoff disappearing act
went wrong when it took his team with him. Tomas occupied the space
last occupied by Regan Kelly who dropped a notch with a
second season let down. Skating up into the charts for the first time
into number 16 is Maxim Kondratiev whose impressive
performance on the World stage has scouts crying encore. The spot
was previously occupied by Nicolas Corbeil who dropped one
notch to 17. Brendan Bell became the third first timer on the
charts, checking in at number 18 thanks to his second straight solid
season. The biggest drop in this year’s chart saw Ivan Kolozvary
drop 7 spots to 19th after a terribly dissapointing season.
Chris Chartier rounds out this top 20 by sticking in for one
more year at number 20.

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