Philadelphia Flyers 2002 Draft Preview

By Jim Segrest

Here are projections and backup options for the Flyers first 7 picks in the draft. Pick numbers are based on where teams finished any extra misc picks the NHL gives teams will push the picks back.

First Pick(34th overall)

1.Daniel Fernholm– Swedish rearguard has the skill to be in the top 10 he has just been hampered with injuries the last 18 months.

2.Barry Tallackson– Lots of tools no toolbox type power forward.

3.Ondrej Nemec– Good Two way Czech defenseman.

4.Petr Kanko– Small but talented forward, Grit and Hard work just about makes up for lack of size.

5.Jim Slater– Very good at everything including skating, stickhandling, faceoffs, passing, defensive awareness, hands and shot. Lack of size is his only real problem, but like Kanko he has enough grit and hard work to make up for it.

Second Pick(49th overall)

1.Duncan Keith– Has the potential to be one of the best offensive defenseman in the draft. Has some work to do on the defensive side and needs to play a more physical game with less giveaways.

2.Patrick Thoresen– Has incredible offensive tools but never see’s the inside of the defensive zone.

3.Brett Skinner– Good two way defenseman with offensive tools.

4.Lance Monych– Big winger with good offensive instincts and goal scoring hands.

5.Jimmy Cuddihy– Big center with good hands and hockey sense.

Third Pick(85th overall)

1.Patrick Jarrett– Does not have top notch talent as originally thought when he was an underager. Probably has a future as a mucker and grinder with some offensive ability.

2.Emanuel Peter– Playmaking center from Switzerland.

3.David Holmqvist– Nice sized defenseman with good offensive skills.

Fourth Pick(99th overall)

1.David Holmqvist– Nice sized defenseman with good offensive skills.

2.Armand Berzins– Big Center with a nice skills set but speed is sub-par.

3.Andrei Mikhnov– Huge center with Hard Shot and good speed for his size. Does not have the skills set of his older brother Alexei(Edmonton Prospect).

Fifth Pick(116th overall)

1.Adam Andersson– Small two way defenseman with good offensive upside.

2.Alexander Frantsouzov– Nothing too flashy just a solid defensive defenseman.

3.Brad Schell– Small center with good speed and skills.

Sixth Pick(146th overall

1.Ryan Cyr– Small goaltender with good overall skills.

2.Marek Chvatal– Offensive minded defenseman with good skills, a little on the small side.

3.Romano Lemm– Small Center from Switzerland can stick handle with the best of them.

Seventh Pick(167th overall)

1.Thibaud Monnet- Skilled Swiss Center, a long shot but worth it at this spot.

2.Ian White– Really small offensive defenseman, real long shot to ever make it but if he does it is as a PP QB.

3.Kris Newbury– An offensive power house in junior.