Another Norwegian en Route to the NHL: Anders Myrvold Again?

By Evan Andriopoulos

Anders Myrvold, the 6-1 200 pounder puck moving defender out of Lørenskog(Oslo) has been contracted by the Florida Panthers according to the Norwegian Daily “VG”. Myrvold also has received an offer from Mannheim in Germany but turned down that offer after the Panthers approached with an offer.

Myrvold started last season in camp with the New York Rangers but after just a couple days he was re-assigned to Hartford of the American Hockey League. Myrvold was injured and his further development was slowed. He finished his stint in Hartford with 3-3-6 totals in 19 games before heading to Europe to finish the season.

Myrvold`s career has been limited to 25 games as it appears he has been in either the wrong system, wrong place or has been too “antsy” and impatient to wait for his turn. His yo-yo North American tour has not necessarily hurt his chances but it has not helped. Florida who is dire need of defenders may be weak enough defensively that Myrvold may have the chance to stick for atleast part of the season. Myrvold has expressed interest in returning to North America and looks to jump at this chance, which could be his last.

My advice: Anders go over, fight for a spot, if you earn it great, if you do not make it… take the ticket to the AHL, fight for a new chance and take advantage of it. Moving from league to league or doing the yo-yo thing is not helping you and it may cause the NHL general managers to question your will that so many younger hungry kids have.

If Myrvold makes the jump I see him as a no.6 or 7 defender in Florida, perhaps seeing time on the power play as he has a good shot and is a decent skater. He carries a slight mean streak but has trouble reading the down low plays. Most likely he will be bound for the AHL with call-ups to the big club due to injuries.
That is it!