Rangers Development Camp Roster

By Evan Andriopoulos

Those marked with (X) have previous NHL experience. Those marked with(H) appeared in Hartford of the AHL for atleast one game dressed.

Andrews, Bobby(H)

Aufiero, Pat

Blackburn, Dan(X)-Rangers 2001-02

Collymore, Shawn

Crabb, Joey

Dusablon, Benoit(H)

Falardeau, Lee

Flynn, Rob

Guenin, Nathan

Hollweg, Ryan(H)

Inman, David

Jonasen, Marcus

Kinch, Matt(H)

Labarbera, Jason(H)

Lampman, Bryce

Lundmark, Jamie(H)

Meyer, Scott(H)

Moore, Dominic

Murray, Garth(H)

Preucil, Petr

Rawlyk, Rory

Snee, Brandon

State, Jeff

Taylor, Jake

Tutin, Fedor

Ulmer, Layne(H)

Walsh, Mike

Weller, Craig

Zhvachkin, Leonid

Of this group it appears Jamie Lundmark and Dan Blackburn are ofcourse locks for the regular training camp roster. Fedor Tutin has been highly rated while Pat Aufiero and Garthy Murray look to impress with a possible shot an a NHL job. Weller, State, Meyer, Kinch, Hollweg Inman, and Flynn look to be Hartford camp bound in September while the other players will report to their junior and even european teams.