CHL’ers heading to Atlantic universities

By Mike Simon

2 of the QMJHL Leading scorers in 2001-02 that are head to Atlantic Universitys to play in the 02-03 season include Dominic Noel (Moncton/Cape Breton) is going to Dal this year. Noel had 105 Points with Cape Breton Last season. Also Hull leading scorer Philippe Lacasse who had 113 PTs with Hull last season is headed to St. Francis Xavier.

Other notables:

Dal: Dominic Noel (Moncton/Cape Breton) Darrell Jarrett (Halifax/Bathurst)

Acadia: Robbie Sutherland (Cape Breton/Halifax)

SMU: Andrew Carver (Hull/Moncton) Derick Martin (Hull)

STFX: Philippe Lacasse (Hull)

Also it is rumered Dal is after Carl Mallette (Victoriaville) and that Acadia might get Jason King (Halifax) if he doesn’t play pro next season.

Players coming from the OHL/WHL that are head to the Maritimes are.

DAL: Andre Robichaud (Sarnia, OHL) and Brad Pierce (North Bay, OHL) J.F. Perras (Ottawa, OHL).

Acadia: Kane Ludwar (Saskatoon, WHL), Clay Thoring (Vancouver, WHL) , Shayne Fryia (Barrie, OHL), Andrew Bergen (Red Deer, WHL).

SMU: Matt Coughlin (Belleville, OHL), Kurt MacSweyn (Brampton, OHL), Brad Self (Peterborough, OHL), Morgan McCormick (Guelph, OHL) and Aaron Van Leusen (Brampton, OHL).

STFX: Ryan Armstrong (North Bay, OHL), Mike Smith (Kingston, OHL) and Shawn Snider (Sudbury, OHL).

St. Francis Xavier is also after former OHL’er and Canada World Junior player Todd Norman.