Interview with Thrashers prospect Jeff Dwyer

By Matt Gunning

Jeff Dwyer was Atlanta’s 8th pick in the 2000 Entry Draft (178th overall). The 6’2” 205 lb. defenseman
will be a junior at Yale University this fall.

With the assistance of the Atlanta Thrashers, Hockey’s Future had the opportunity to ask Jeff a few questions during the Thrashers Prospect Camp held in July.

HF: How would you describe your game to someone who has never seen you play?
JD: I would call myself a good steady two-way defenseman. I don’t make too many mistakes in the defensive zone, and I enjoy getting involved in the offensive zone as well. I like controlling the play.

HF: Did you have any specific goals for yourself this last season?
JD: Yeah, for myself I set goals as far as plus/minus and statistics, but they’re not as important as how the team does and how far we make it in the [NCAA] tournament. Last year we didn’t have such a good year so that was too bad.

HF: Is it difficult balancing school and hockey?
JD: It is. Because in season you have workouts at 7:00 in the morning and then you have to go to class and then you have practice, and then you have section at night. It is a big task, but it’s the choice I made.

HF: What is the highlight of your hockey career prior to the NHL draft?
JD: I think probably just playing at Yale, it’s a lot of fun. You get to hang out with your best friends every day and do what you like to do. It’s a good experience coming down here [to the Thrashers Prospect Camp] as well.