Baby Leafs lose another Offensive Weapon

By Kevin Kelly

The St. John’s Maple Leafs, already dealing with the
loss of their leading scorer last season as well as
their leading defenceman, has lost another of their
top snipers.

Bobby House, the team’s leading goal scorer the last
two years in a row and who represented the Leafs two
years ago at the AHL All Star-Classic and was
co-captain of the Leafs with Nathan Dempsey the last
two seasons is heading to Europe to play with the
Hamburg Freeze of the German Elite League. He asked
the Leafs organization to release him from his current
deal which would have had him play one more season in
the Newfoundland capital.

House told Brendan McCarthy of the St. John’s Telegram
that he couldn’t take another year of being passed
over for promotion to Toronto and he decided to accept
the European offer instead.

He also had high praise for St. John’s hockey fans in
the interview,telling them that the three seasons he
spent in St. John’s were “the best years of his
career” and “was treated as good as gold” by local

The loss of House only exemplifies the need for some
goal scoring. After passing on opportunities to sign
local guys Dwayne Norris and John Slaney, one has to
wonder if Bob Wren will be able to lead the Leafs in
Scoring or if WHL scoring champ Nathan Barrett can
make a mark at the pro level like he did at junior.
A Whitehorse, Yukon native, Bobby House has been a
true leader and fan favorite in St. John’s and will be
missed, especially that hard shot that put opposing
goaltenders on notice.

Best of luck to Bobby from all fans of the Baby Leafs!