Traverse City Tourney Recap: Day 1

By Jessica Haskin

Prospect camp has officially started in Traverse City, MI. Attending
camp are the prsopects of the Atlanta Thrashers, Detroit Red Wings,
Minnesota Wild, St. Louis Blues, and Washington Capitals.
Joey Kocur, making his coaching debut, and the Red Wings won their first
game beating the Thrashers four to one.

Detroit’s first opportunity came four minutes into the game when Henrik
Zetterberg picked the puck up at the red line. Zetterberg skated around
three of Atlanta’s players and then skated the puck around the net and
passed it across the net to Andreas Jamtin who shot it in the net. The
goal was disallowed though and Jaimtin was given a two minute penalty
for Goalie Interference. The shot was the frist on goal for either team.

Darryl Bootland scored the first goal that was allowed for Detroit when
Derek Meech set him up with seven minutes left in the first period.
Bootland standing in front of the crease made a quick snapshot over
Michael Garnett’s right shoulder into the net.

Thatcher Bell scored the second goal for Detroit on the power play three
minutes into the second period. Bell found the puck loose in front of
the net after Joel Ward’s shot. Garnett, still on the right side of the
crease where Ward’s shot had come from couldn’t get across in time to
stop Bell with the puck on the left side of the crease.

Atlanta then had three minutes and twenty-eight seconds on the power
play with just over two minutes being a five-on-three advantag. Atlanta
was able to make several good shots but Drew MacIntyre was always there
to stop them. Zetterber, Paul Ballantyne, and Danny groulx were very
good at poke checking and clearing the puck out of Detroit’s zone to
help shut Atlanta down.

Tomas Kopecky and Jamtin scored two quick goals for Detroit. The goals
came 19 seconds apart with seven minutes left in the second period.

Atlanta finally got on the board with a goal from Judd Medak a minute
and thirty seconds before the second period ended.

Detroit’s Nate Kiser received a game misconduct after getting in two
fights, the first with Josh Gratton and the second with Greg Black.

Minnesota won its game over the St. Louis Blues six to four.

St. Louis’ goals were scored by John Pohl, Grant Jacobson, Eric Fortier,
and Jay McClement.

Minnesota’s goals came from Carl Mallette, Armands Berzins, Joff Hoggan,
Marc Cavosie, Jean-Philippe Pare, and a power play goal by Erik Reitz.

All scoring came in the second period except for Phol’s goal which was
in the first and Reitz’s power play goal which came in the third.

Minnesota’s Ryan Olynyk received a game misconduct after his two fights
with Andrei Mikhnov and Doug MacIver.

Prospect camp should prove to be an exciting week of hockey!