Traverse City Prospect Camp, Day 5

By Jessica Haskin

The two final games of Prospect Camp were played on Tuesday. Monniesota
Wild versus the Detroit Red Wings and the St. Louis Blues versus the
Washington Capitals.

The Minnesota Wild beat the Detroit Red Wings with a final score of
three to one.

Minnesota scored the first goal just fifty-four seconds into the game.
Ryan Olynyk shot the puck past Drew MacIntyre with an assist from Matt Foy.

The next goal came six minutes and fifty-three seconds into the second
period. Jesse Schultz scored for Minnesota on the power play,
redirecting Chris Dyment’s slapshot from the blueline past MacIntyre.

Detroit’s Matt Hubbauer was checked head first into the boards a minute
later, knocking Hubbauer out. The play was stopped when he failed to get
up. The medical trainers hurried over to Hubbauer and rolled him on his
back. He laid there a few minutes before moving and finally getting up.
He still appeared quite dazed ashe walked past with blood streaming down
his face from the cut on his chin and eyelid. Hubbauer never returned to
the game.

Detroit finally got on the board half way through the second period.
Chad LaRose passed across to Henrik Zetterberg who was right in front of
the net. Zetterberg shot the puck over Barry Brust’s left shoulder,
giving Detroit it’s only goal of the night.

Eleven seconds after Zetterberg’s goal Minnesota’s Olynyk was called for
kneeing and was sent to the box for two minutes. When his teammate, Matt
Foy, protested the call to the referee they were given another two
minute peanlty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

With a full two minutes of five-on-three advantage Detroit wasn’t able
to score. Henrik Zetterberg hit the post twice on the power play and
sent it just wide on another shot.

Eight minutes into the third period Nate Kiser and Erik Reitz decided to
drop their gloves, stick, and helmets. Helmets? Yes, they threwo down
their sticks and gloves, ripped off their helemts throwing them onthe
the ice and then started throwing punches. I guess they decided it’d
save both of them some time if they just took them off themselves. They
got a few punches in before the ref’s broke it up, but both were still
going strong when they were sent to their respective box.

Minnesota’s final goal came from Armands Berezins who shot it through
MacIntyre’s five-hole with three minutes and forty-one seconds left in
the game. Rickard Wallin had the assist.

Minnesota and Detroit tied for third place at the end of Camp each team
having two wins and two loses.

The Washington Capitals and St. Louis Blues played to a one-one tie.

St. Louis scored the first goal and it was a weird goal. St. Louis was
going to make a line change nine minutes into the first period. Greg Day
had the puck and shot the puck to dump it in the corner in Washington’s
end. Washington’s goaltender, Maxime Daigneault, headed to the corner to
retrieve the puck and pass it up to his players. The puck had different
plans, as it slid through the face-off circle it found a bump in the
ice. Totally changing directions the puck became airborne and sailed
into the open net as Daigneault vainly tried to skate back in time to
stop it.

Boyd Gordon put the puck past Rob Crater scoring the only other goal to
tie up with a minute and twenty-six seconds left in the game. Owen
Fussey had the assist.

Neither team was able to score in the five minute overtime period.

Washington was the only team during Prospect Camp to go without a loss,
winning three and tying one. St. Louis was the only team to go without a
win, losing three and tying one.

All in all it was a good camp adn hopefully Centre I.C.E. and the
Detroit Red Wings will continue to host the Prospect Camp in Traverse
City for years to come.