Red Wings Camp Opens Up

By Jessica Haskin

The Red Wings first four days of training camp are over. The Wings,
their prospects, and their tryouts were split into four teams each
consisting of 17 players.

The bronze and gold medal games are set to start at 4 p.m. and 6:15 p.m.
respectively on Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at the Centre I.C.E. Arena
in Traverse City, MI.

The paper left on the table for the media to tell what teams are
playing in which game states “in the bronze medal game… Team A vs.
Team D. In the gold medal game… Team B vs. Team C.” Which would be all
fine and dandy in my mind except for the fact that it doesn’t seem to
add up for wins and loses throughout the week.

Team A won one game and lost three, they deserve the bronze medal game.
Team B and C tied with two wins and two loses, but Team B had 13 goals
vs. Team C’s 10. Team D won three games and lost only one.

In my opinion, Team D should play Team B for the gold medal game and
Team C should play Team A. Perhaps there was a typographical error by
the Red Wings Public Relations? Or, perhaps this is a new way of
determining tournaments that I’ve never seen before? We shall find out
Tuesday evening I’m sure.

Now to take a look back at the first few days of camp and who stood out.

Boyd Devereaux had the most goals with six goals in three games. The
Red Wings prospect with the most goals was Tomas Kopecky with three.
Three tryouts tied in the goals department with two goals each, Nathan
Robinson, Aaron Van Leusen, and Tim Skarperud.

Henrik Zetterberg had the most assists of the tournament with six.
Tryout, Doug Brown was second with five.

Zetterberg and Devereaux tied for most points with eight a piece.
Tryouts Brown and Van Leusen each had five.

Curtis Joseph had the best goals against average with 1.00. Red Wings
prospect Drew MacIntyre followed with a 1.50 goals against average.

Zetterberg stood out as the best player in camp. He is a quick, agile
skater who seems almost always to be able to hold on to the puck in high
traffic areas and has a good sense of the play around him. He seems to
be fine with the North American style of hockey, taking and recovering
well from hits and giving out a few himself.

This evenings games will be exciting no matter what because the players
are some of the best in the world and love the game.