Zetterberg Makes Noise in Wings Bronze Game

By Jessica Haskin

Medal Games of Red Wings Training Camp – Bronze Game

Team A and Team D faced off for the bronze medal game at 4 p.m. Tuesday
afternoon. Team D had won all three “regular season” games of training
camp but lost the one “playoff” game to go to the gold medal game in the

The game was played with three fifteen minute periods.

Team D, the “Swedish Team” with Nicklas Lidstrom, Tomas Holmstrom, and
Henrik Zetterberg beat Team A seven to three.

Zetterberg and Jason Williams led Team D with three points each.
Zetterberg had two goals and an assist. Williams had a goal and two

The first goal of the game was scored by Holmstrom fifty-nine seconds
into the first period for Team D. The net was not on the goal line when
the puck went past Marc Lamothe though. The referee’s didn’t see it and
didn’t believe Team A’s defenseman, Paul Ballantyne, when he told them.

Mark Mowers scored next with a goal for Team A, netting the puck past
Curtis Joseph. Pat Brush and Ryan Barnes had the assists.

Zetterberg scored his first goal four minutes into the second period.
Team A tied it back up three minutes later with a goal from Michel Picard.

Team A switched goalies replacing Marc Lamothe with Nick Pannoni half
way through the second period.

Team D then scored three more goals before Team A got the puck past
Curtis Joseph. Hugo Boisvert, Kirk Maltby, and Nathan Robinson had the
last three goals for Team D in the second.

Darren McCarty opened the scoring in the third period with a goal for
Team A. McCarty was standing behind Joseph just outside the crease
waiting for Fedorov’s pass. Jopseph tried to slide across the crease to
stop it but the puck was in the net before he got there.

Zetterberg scored his second of the night with a pass from Matt Hubbauer.
Zetterberg took a shot from the bottom of the left face-off circle,
putting the puck over Pannoni’s left glove.

Williams had the final goal of the game with one minute and six seconds
left. Picking the puck up at the offensive blueline Williams raced down
the right side of the ice and cut across the front of the net appearing
to go to the far side. Williams put the brakes on half way across with
Pannoni still sliding to the far side and slipped the puck behind Pannoni.

Team D had a final of seven goals over Team A’s three.