Bridgeport Sound Tigers Season Preview

By Steve Feldman

Welcome back for the second season of Bridgeport Sound Tigers hockey. The defending AHL Eastern Conference Champions are ready to take the ice and expand on last season’s success. This year sees a lot of new faces coming into town to team up with some fan favorites from last year. In the following you will find the 2002-2003 Sound Tigers schedule, the current promotional schedule, transactions, current roster, and a look at the first weekend’s games.


10/11/[email protected] Binghamton Senators7:05 PM
10/12/02vs. Norfolk Admirals7:05 PM
10/16/02vs. St. John’s Maple Leafs7:05 PM
10/18/02vs. Hartford Wolf Pack7:35 PM
10/19/[email protected] Springfield Falcons7:35 PM
10/25/[email protected] St. John’s Maple Leafs6:05 PM
10/26/[email protected] St. John’s Maple Leafs6:05 PM
10/30/02vs. St. John’s Maple Leafs7:05 PM
11/01/[email protected] Saint John Flames6:30 PM
11/02/[email protected] Saint John Flames6:00 PM
11/06/[email protected] Albany River Rats7:00 PM
11/08/02vs. Portland Pirates7:35 PM
11/09/[email protected] Hartford Wolf Pack7:05 PM
11/10/02vs. Binghamton Senators5:05 PM
11/13/02vs. Springfield Falcons7:05 PM
11/15/[email protected] Philadelphia Phantoms7:05 PM
11/16/02vs. Providence Bruins7:05 PM
11/17/02vs. Syracuse Crunch5:05 PM
11/22/[email protected] Syracuse Crunch7:30 PM
11/23/02vs. Philadelphia Phantoms7:05 PM
11/27/02vs. Manchester Monarchs7:05 PM
11/29/02vs. Springfield Falcons7:35 PM
11/30/[email protected] Lowell Lock Monsters7:00 PM
12/01/[email protected] Hershey Bears6:00 PM
12/04/02vs. Providence Bruins7:05 PM
12/06/02vs. Manitoba Moose7:35 PM
12/07/02vs. Philadelphia Phantoms7:05 PM
12/08/[email protected] Albany River Rats4:00 PM
12/10/[email protected] San Antonio Rampage8:00 PM
12/12/[email protected] Houston Aeros8:00 PM
12/13/[email protected] Houston Aeros8:30 PM
12/14/[email protected] San Antonio Rampage8:00 PM
12/18/[email protected] Hamilton Bulldogs7:00 PM
12/21/02vs. Lowell Lock Monsters7:05 PM
12/23/02vs. Hartford Wolf Pack7:05 PM
12/28/[email protected] Manitoba Moose8:30 PM
12/31/[email protected] Manitoba Moose5:00 PM
01/03/03vs. Hershey Bears7:35 PM
01/04/03vs. Hartford Wolf Pack7:05 PM
01/08/[email protected] Philadelphia Phantoms7:05 PM
01/10/[email protected] Norfolk Admirals7:30 PM
01/11/[email protected] Hershey Bears7:00 PM
01/16/[email protected] Portland Pirates7:05 PM
01/18/[email protected] Manchester Monarchs7:35 PM
01/19/[email protected] Worcester Ice Cats4:05 PM
01/22/[email protected] Binghamton Senators7:05 PM
01/24/03vs. Houston Aeros7:35 PM
01/25/03vs. Houston Aeros7:05 PM
01/29/03vs. Saint John Flames7:05 PM
01/31/03vs. Worcester Ice Cats7:35 PM
02/01/[email protected] Albany River Rats7:00 PM
02/07/03vs. Hartford Wolf Pack7:35 PM
02/08/03vs. Saint John Flames7:05 PM
02/14/[email protected] Providence Bruins7:05 PM
02/15/[email protected] Springfield Falcons7:35 PM
02/16/03vs. San Antonio Rampage4:05 PM
02/18/03vs. San Antonio Rampage7:05 PM
02/19/03vs. Albany River Rats7:05 PM
02/21/[email protected] Hartford Wolf Pack7:05 PM
02/22/[email protected] Springfield Falcons7:35 PM
02/23/[email protected] Binghamton Senators6:05 PM
02/28/03vs. Hershey Bears7:35 PM
03/01/03vs. Albany River Rats7:05 PM
03/02/[email protected] Albany River Rats4:00 PM
03/05/03vs. Manitoba Moose7:05 PM
03/07/03vs. Manchester Monarchs7:35 PM
03/08/03vs. Binghamton Senators7:05 PM
03/09/[email protected] Springfield Falcons4:05 PM
03/15/03vs. Springfield Falcons7:05 PM
03/16/03vs. Binghamton Senators4:05 PM
03/19/03vs. Springfield Falcons7:05 PM
03/21/[email protected] Hartford Wolf Pack7:05 PM
03/23/[email protected] Providence Bruins4:05 PM
03/28/03vs. Albany River Rats7:35 PM
03/29/[email protected] Manchester Monarchs7:35 PM
03/30/[email protected] Hartford Wolf Pack4:05 PM
04/02/03vs. Hamilton Bulldogs7:05 PM
04/04/03vs. Albany River Rats7:35 PM
04/05/[email protected] Hartford Wolf Pack7:05 PM
04/06/03vs. Hartford Wolf Pack4:05 PM

Times and dates are subject to change.
All times are Eastern Standard Time

10/12/02Magnetic Schedule Giveaway, Championship Banners Ceremony
10/18/02New Haven Appreciation Night
10/30/02Trick or Treat Kids Club Event
11/08/02Youth Hockey Appreciation Weekend, Red Cross Blood Drive
11/10/02Youth Hockey Appreciation
11/16/02Scout Weekend, Food Drive
11/17/02Scout Weekend
11/23/02March of Dimes Blue Jeans for Babies, Fairfield Appreciation Night
11/27/02Food Drive
12/06/02Faith and Fellowship Weekend
12/07/02Faith and Fellowship Weekend
12/21/02Teddy Bear Toss, Shelton Appreciation Night
01/03/03Pride in America Weekend
01/04/03Pride in America Weekend, Specialty Jersey Auction
01/25/03Milford Appreciation Night
02/08/03Stratford Appreciation Night
02/16/03Danbury Appreciation Night
03/01/03Trumbull Appreciation Night
03/07/03Scout Spring Weekend
03/08/03Scout Spring Weekend, Norfolk Appreciation Night
03/15/03Islanders Fan Appreciation Weekend
03/16/03Islanders Fan Appreciation Weekend, Specialty Jersey Auction
04/04/03Fan Appreciation Weekend
04/05/03Fan Appreciation Weekend

10/08/02 Rick DiPietro, Raffi Torres, Justin Mapletoft, and Eric Goddard returned on loan from the New York Islanders of the NHL.


NAMEPOS2001-02 Team
Belak, GrahamLWBRIDGEPORT - AHL, Trenton - ECHL
Bolibruck, KevinDHouston - AHL
Charpentier, MarcoRWBRIDGEPORT – AHL, Trenton - ECHL
Chabada, MartinFSparta Praha - CZECH
David, J.F.DShawinigan - QMJHL
Down, BlaineCBarrie - OHL
Hamilton, JeffCKarpat - Finland
Kalmikov, KonstantinRWBRIDGEPORT, Houston, Hershey – AHL,
Louisiana – ECHL, Salavat Yualyev - RUSSIA
Kolnik, JurajRWNY Islanders – NHL, BRIDGEPORT - AHL
Korolev, EvgenyDNY Islanders – NHL, BRIDGEPORT - AHL
Letang, AlanDCalgary – NHL, Saint John - AHL
Manlow, EricCBoston – NHL, Providence - AHL
Mapletoft, JustinCBRIDGEPORT - AHL
Mathieu, MarquisCSt. Georges - QSPHL
Naserdidine, AlainDHamilton - AHL
Smith, BrandonDCleveland - AHL
St. Germain, DavidGBRIDGEPORT – AHL, Trenton - ECHL
Terault, DanielDBRIDGEPORT – AHL, Austin - WPHL
Torres, RaffiLWNY Islanders – NHL, BRIDGEPORT - AHL
Valiquette, SteveGBRIDGEPORT - AHL
Weinhandl, MattiasRWModo Ornskoldsvik - SWEDEN
Wood, DustinDPetrborough – OHL

Friday, October 11, 2003 @ Binghamton Senators
This is the inaugural season for the Senators. This game could be a battle of goaltenders with Rick DiPietro who backstopped the Sound Tigers to the Calder Cup Finals last season and Mathieu Chouinard who backstopped Grand Rapids last season to the second best defensive season in AHL history.

Saturday, October 12, 2002 vs. Norfolk Admirals
The Admirals will be in town and should have with them the first ever French born player drafted by an NHL team, rookie forward Yorick Treille (Chicago ’99), will match up against the Sound Tigers Raffi Torres who broke out last year in the playoffs with 17 goals.

Saturday, October 12, 2002 – Magnetic Schedule and the Sound Tigers will be raising the Championship Banners.

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