Jamie Lundmark: Welcome To Prospect Hell

By Jon Philpot
Tick… Tock… Tick… Tock… The clock winds down on Jamie Lundmark, the Rangers top prospect. Not winding down on when he will break, bust, or be traded (the latter is unsure of, though). The clock is ticking on when he will be ruined by what is considered to be “prospect hell”: The Rangers. Giving a young player with little or no confidence 4th line ice time (generally 5-7 minutes per game) is not going to have that player play better. In fact, that is what we saw with the last great Ranger prospect, Manny Malholtra (who was dealt last year to the Dallas Stars), as he floundered around and slowly withered away to nothing.

Benching a player every now and then is not a bad thing. Actually, it can sometimes really help a player gain confidence or learn from his mistakes. But using that player with other people who are generally considered way below his skill level on a consistent basis is going to make him wither away. Jamie Lundmark has been the best player game in, game out for the Rangers this season. Every game, shift, play he gives his heart and soul. This is how the organization likes to repay their best players and help them grow into the pro leagues as well.

Jamie Lundmark has consistently outplayed the Rangers star players, including the likes of Pavel Bure and Eric Lindros. This team, you could say, is stacked with talent and Lundmark is right up there with everyone in terms of skill. Not only that, but he has an extremely high upside if he fulfills his potential. In many hockey circles, he is considered one of the leagues top prospects and he should not be handled like he currently is. There is no reason for him not to be seeing top line duty, which, in turn, could also spark the star players to kick it into gear.

To make matters worse, Lundmark was just demoted to the Hartford Wolfpack. This will almost surely be a confidence destroyer. If this is the way Glen Sather and Brian Trottier are to run this team, it is certainly not in the direction that would be most prosperous. Lundmark is and should be a building block for this team and he is rotting away in the minor leagues again.