Russian Super League Tour 24: Box Scores and Prospect Recaps

By Eugene Belashchenko

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Super League Tour

November20th, 2002

Yulayev vs. Lada Togliatti 3:1

1:0 Volkov 7
(Tribuntsev, 22.49), 1:1 Gorokhov 1 (Belkin, 39.15), 2:1 Petrunin 7 (Skabelka,
43.44), 3:1 Deev 3 (Gorshkov, 52.36).

Prospect Notes:

Welcome to Salavat Yulayev Konstantin Baranov! Philadelphia Flyers
prospect skated on Salavat’s first line and showed some flashes of skill and is
definitely starting to take advantage of the increased ice time.  His lack of
size has also become apparent, when he was overpowered several times by the
opposition.  Washington Capitals prospect Alexander Syemin got less ice time in
this game, after he was moved to the fourth line from the second. 


Metallurg Magnitagorsk vs. Dynamo Moscow 2:1


0:1 Stepanov 4 (Vyshedkevich,
Orekhovsky, 9.32), 1:1 Davydov 2 (25.02), 2:1 A.Koreshkov 6 (Osipov,
43.40, pp.).

Prospect Notes:
Stars prospect Alexei Tereschenko skated on Dynamo’s top line.


Khabarovsk vs. Severstal Cherpovets 3:4

Pereyaslov 3 (Tarasov, Krivokrasov, 5.05, pp.), 1:1 Turkovsky 3 (Nikitenko,
17.34), 1:2 Trubachev 2 (Nikitenkov, Yudin, 26.19, pp.), 2:2 Minakov 5 (Yudnikov,
Yasakov, 30.25), 3:2 Krivokrasov 6 (36.30, pp.), 3:3 Kalyuzhni 6 (Kuznetsov,
, 39.34), 3:4 Shinkar 3 (Isakov, Torgaev, 43.09)

Prospect Notes:

Columbus Blue Jackets prospect Yevgeniy Petrochinin was in Severstal’s
starting lineup, skating on the team’s top defensive pairing.  It seems he made
his way back quite well from an injury that sidelined him for the beginning of
the season.  Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Alexander Shinkar had several
scoring chances, including a couple in the first period. He scored the game
winning goal in the third period when he took a pass and skated from the corner
right to the net and put the puck in. Calgary Flames prospect Yuri Trubachev
scored a goal in the second period, but also had a great chance in the first,
but once again Westlund was too quick. Chicago Blackhawks prospect Sergei
Minakov scored a pretty goal half way through the second period – skating
through the defense, he simply outplayed Severstal’s goalie.


Mechel Chelyabinsk vs. Molot Prikamye 2:3


0:1 Tatarinov
4 (14.42, pp.), 0:2 Nikulin 2 (Sokolov, 32.00, pp.), 0:3 Khaidarov 1 (Zherebtsov,
Savchuk, 42.11), 1:3 Lopatin 3 (Balandin , Tatarintsev, 46.36), 2:3 Gomolyako 5
(Romanov, Terekhov, 52.10).


Prospect Notes:

Phoenix Coyotes prospect Alexander Tatarinov cought Mechel’s goalie behind the n
and scored a goal into the practically open net. 


Lokomotiv Yaroslavl vs. Spartak Moscow 1:1

0:1 Posnov
3 (Upper, 4.01), 1:1 Guskov 5 (Samyilin, Vasiliev, 52.32, pp.).

Prospect News:
was a tightly played game, which turned into a defensive struggle with goalies
playing a big role.  New Jersey Devils prospect Andrei Posnov stayed away
from trouble and made a solid positive impact in the contest. He scored
Spartak’s only goal and then when Lokomotiv’s captain Dmitri Krasotkin tried to
instigate a fight, he simply showed the captain the middle finger without a
verbal or physical confrontation and skated away. He was the top star of the


 Soviet Wings vs.
Avangard Omsk 1:5


0:1 Ryabikin 3 (Prokopiev,
18.21, pp.), 0:2 Patera 5 (Prokhazka, 45.45), 0:3 Koltsov 3 (Vlasak,
Patera, 47.46, pp.), 0:4 Zatonsky 9 (Prokopiev, Sushinsky, 52.51), 0:5 A.
3 (Vlasak, 55.49), 1:5 Bernikov 11 (57.52, pp.).

Prospect Notes:

The game was very one sided and
Sokolov would have had a shut out if not for Bernikov’s goal with just 2 minutes
left in the game.  When the game was clearly won, Dallas Stars prospect Artem
got more ice time in the last 10-15 minutes of the game and earned
his third tally of the season.  After the departure of Philadelphia Flyers
prospect Konstantin Baranov to Salavat Yulayev, the fourth line winger
spot opened the opportunity for Chicago Blackhawks prospect Alexander Golovin,
though he only played around seven minutes. 


Bars Kazan vs. Sibir Novosibirsk 0:1

Goals: 0:1 Tarasenko 8 (Rozin,
Klimovich, 17.51).

Prospect News:

Former Edmonton goaltending
prospect Ale
Fomitchev earned the shut out in this elephant vs. the mouse struggle, in which
the mouse, though lacking teeth, apparently was made of titanium and couldn’t
be squashed. 


Moscow vs. SKA St. Petersburg 3:0

1:0 Emeleev 4
(Drozdetsky, Osipov, 4.24, pp.), 2:0 Polushin 2 (Chagodayev,
26.23), 3:0 N.Semin 1 (Drozdetsky, Osipov, 31.14, pp.).

Prospect Notes:
was the first game for New York Rangers prospect Fedor Tyutin with SKA
though, he did not have much ice time or impact in this contest.  Los Angeles
Kings prospect Sergei Anshakov, who struggled as of late, and newly
acquire Alexander Chagodayev replaced the injured Luchinkin and
on CSKA’s roster.  Philadelphia Flyers prospect Alexander 
Drozdetsky made a nice feed to Emeelev, who one timed it for the first goal of
the game.  Chagodayev centered CSKA’s fourth line and assisted on Tampa Bay
prospect  Alexander Polushin’s goal early in the second period.  He used
his great size to overpower SKA’s defensemen and then passed the puck to
Polushin on the other post, whose first shot was blocked, but he then scored the
goal off the rebound.  New York Islanders prospect Vladimir Gorbunov
played very well in the third period and had a couple of great chances. On one
occasion he got into a 2 on 1 situation with Pronin, but the goalie saved the
shot  and Vladimir did not get there in time for the rebound.  The second time
his shot sailed high of the net. 


Neftkhimik Nizhnekamsk vs. Metallurg Novokuznetsk 3:2

Goals: 1:0 Mikulchik 1 (Simakov,
3.34, pp.), 1:1 Dyilevsky 1 (Pupkov, 9.17, pp.), 2:1 Labzov 2 (Kasyanov, 17.09,
pp.), 2:2 Antonenko 3 (Pankov, Pchelyakov, 33.35, pp.), 3:2 Vakhrushev 6
(Kasyanov, 52.47, pp.).

Prospect Notes:
Jersey Devils prospect Alexander Suglobov skated on Neftkhimik’s third

– Eugene Belashchenko