Russian Super League Tour 25: Box Scores and Prospect Recaps

By Eugene Belashchenko

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Super League Tour 25: 

November 23th, 2002

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Petersburg vs. Soviet Wings


1:0 Koznev 6 (Tyutin , 10.02, pp.), 2:0 Gorbushin 1 (Koznev,
Tsvetkov, 24.02), 2:1 Teplyakov 1 (Loginov, Brezgunov, 38.35, pp.), 3:1
Bashkatov 5 (
55.16, pp.), 4:1

Koznev 7 (Tsvetkov,
58.06, sh.).

Prospect Notes:
New York Rangers prospect Fedor Tyutin helped open the scoring when he sent his monster slap shot to the
net and his teammate Koznev redirected the rubber disk behind the goalie with
his stick.   Colorado Avalanche prospect Sergei Soin continued to play
well on the Soviet Wings top line, though he was unable to get on the scoring
board in this contest.  Los Angeles Kings prospect Mikhail Lyubushin was
not in the lineup and the Soviet Wings played with only six defensemen.


Sibir Novosibirsk vs. Metallurg
Novokuznetsk 5:3


0:1 Khlebnikov 8 (4.42), 0:2 Kurochkin 6 (Antonenko, Pupkov,
13.52), 1:2 Chermak 7 (Popov, 17.13), 2:2 Chermak 8 (Petrenko, 25.15), 3:2
Klimovich 3 (Gribko, Agarkov, 26.27, pp.), 4:2 Voronov 4 (31.12), 5:2 Tarasenko
9 (Klimovich , 40.27), 5:3 Kurochkin 7 (Moskalev, 48.03)

Prospect News:

Buffalo Sabres prospect Artem
centered Sibir’s fourth line with Edmonton Oilers prospect Alexei
Mikhnov on his wing.   The line was demoted from third line duties and was on
the ice for around seven to ten minutes.  2003 NHL Entry Draft def
prospect Alexei Pepelayev continued to skate on Metallurg’s fourth
defensive pairing.


Moscow vs.
Moscow 2:2


1:0 Emeleev 5 (6.03, pp.), 1:1 Semak 7 (22.43, ps.),
1:2 Kudashov 5 (Razin, Zhdan, 28.49,

2:2 Khomitski 3 (Leschev, Zherdev, 29.26).

Prospect News:
Dallas Stars prospect Vadim Khomitski scored CSKA’s game
tying goal with a powerful slap shot from the blue line while he was on the
move.  New York Islanders prospect Vladimir Gorbunov played a solid,
aggressive game, though once he was called on a minor for attacking an opponent
without the puck. Los Angeles Kings prospect played well on the same line with
2003 NHL Entry Draft star Nikolai Zherdev, but failed to convert on
Zherdev’s great passes on at least two occasions.  Zherdev did have a solid pass
to Khomitski on Vadim’s goal – he got the pass from Leschev’s faceoff and then
one timed it to Khomitski.  2004 NHL Entry Draft prospect Alexander Ovechkin was
playing in the game after a minor surgery on a thigh muscle – though he didn’t
make an impact in this contest.  Dallas Stars prospect Alexei Tereschenko,
who usually plays center, continued to play on the wing of Dynamo’s top line. 


Severstal Cherpovets vs.
Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 4:1

Goals: 1:0 Kalyuzhni
7 (Berdnikov, 0.30), 2:0 Dobryshkine 14 (Nikitenko, 10.24, pp.), 3:0
Nurtdinov 6
23.47), 3:1 Butsayev 8 (Kovalenko, Shakhraichuk, 40.25), 4:1 Kuznetsov 5 (Berdnikov,
Gusev, 52.14, pp.).

Prospect News:

Atlanta Thrashers prospect Yuri
Dobryshkine scored his 14th of the season  While Dobryshkine has been
playing exceptionally well, nothing should be taken away from his linemates,
Yuri Trubachev and especially his undrafted former U20 Team

teammate, Andrei Nikitenko, who assisted on a lot of Yuri’s goals. New Jersey
Devils prospect Maxim Balmochnykh has come alive as of late and has
started playing much better. In this contest he was active on the third line and
after a couple of back and fourths between him and Ruslan Nurtdinov, he finally
fed the puck to Nurdinov for the goal.  Lokomotiv’s fourth line formed from 2003
NHL Entry Draft prospect Konstantin Glazachev, former NHLer Sergei
and Washington Capitals prospect Ivan Nepriayev. Columbus
Blue Jackets prospect Ivan Tkachenko was moved up to Lokomotiv’s second
line. Midway through the second period a small scuffle erupted between Glazachev
and Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Alexander Shinkar when the latter tried to hold
down Konstantin and the other retaliated.  Both ended up off the ice with minor


Moscow vs. Ak Bars
Kazan 2:4


1:0 Chernov 2 (Ignatiev, Arekaev,
19.36), 1:1 Gogolev 1 (Zinovejv, 21.17), 2:1 M.Rybin 1 (A.Rybin, 27.57),
2:2 Proshkin 3 (Kvartalnov, 53.38, pp.), 2:3 Chupin 7 (Zaripov, 54.45), 2:4
Kvartalnov 8 (Korolyuk, 58.33).

Prospect Notes:

Anaheim Mighty Ducks prospect
Maxim Rybin
scored his first goal of the season off a nice feed from his
brother Artem Rybin.  Besides scoring the goal, Max was everywhere on the
ice and was probably the most dangerous Spartak player out there. New Jersey
Devils prospect Andrei Posnov had a breakaway in the third period, but
could not beat Kazan’s goalie.  


Molot Prikamye vs. Amur
Khabarovsk 1:0


1:0 Savchuk 1 (Zherebtsov, 46.54).
Prospect Notes:

Chicago Blackhawks
prospect Alexander Barkunov was Molot’s seventh defenseman and got about
five minutes of ice time.   He had a couple of shots on net, but nothing that
Amur’s goalie couldn’t handle.  Buffalo Sabres prospect Maxim Shevjev
centered Amur’s fourth line. Phoenix Coyotes prospect Alexander Tatarinov had a
great chance midway through the first period to score for Molot, but couldn’t
beat Amur’s goalie. 


Avangard Omsk vs.
Neftkhimik Nizhnekamsk 5:0


1:0 Ryabikin 4 (Zatonsky, Sushinski , 9.05), 2:0 Vlasak 9 (Patera, 22.33), 3:0
Panov 5 (Sushinski, Ryabikin, 26.26, pp.), 4:0 Sushinski 1 (Zatonski, Prokopiev,
39.20), 5:0 Saifullin 6 (Subbotin, 58.55).

Prospect News:

Calgary Flames prospect
Alexander Taratukhin
seems to have picked it up as of late. He centered the
fourth line with long time line mate, Montreal Canadiens prospect Alexander
on one wing and Dallas Stars prospect Artem Chernov on the
other. Alexander Golovin played a bit as a spare, but did not make
anything happ


Lada Togliatti vs. Metallurg
Magnitagorsk 0:2


0:1 Selivanov 4 (E.Koreshkov, 17.29), 0:2 Davydov 3 (Kaigorodov, Ignatov,
19.02, pp.).

Prospect Notes:

Ottawa Senators prospect
Alexei Kaigorodov
centered Metallurg’s first line and showed a lot of
maturity.  He played solid hockey the whole game and assisted on Metallurg’s
second goal late in the first period, taking advantage in a mistake made by
Lada’s defense.  2003 NHL Entry Draft prospect Dmitri Pestunov centered
Metallurg’s fourth line, with Vancouver Canucks prosepct Yevgeniy Gladkykh
on his wing. 


Salavat Yulayev
Ufa vs. Mechel
Chelyabinsk 3:2


1:0 Karamnov 5 (Kukhtinov ,
20.51), 1:1 Varitski 7 (Kudinov, 21.19), 1:2 Kudinov 3 (Gomolyako, Varitsky,
36.01), 2:2 Skabelka 3 (Petrunin, Tribuntsev, 41.52), 3:2 Karamnov 6 (Gor