Bruins Prospect Report , Prospects 1-5

By Bob Willwerth

The Boston Bruins are cruising along in the Eastern Conference and their prospects have been having productive seasons at the quarter mark. Ivan Huml , Shaone Morrisonn , Andy Hilbert , and Lee Goren have played for the Boston Bruins and they have had a positive effect on the team . They have helped the Bruins overcome injuries and the team has not missed a beat .

Ivan Huml , the 21 year old Czech will soon graduate from the HF prospect list . Ivan has had his ups and downs making the transition from the AHL to the NHL . He came out of training camp as the Boston Bruins leading goal scorer which may have falsely raised our expectations for Ivan . Ivan has played second line most of the quarter , he seems to be picking up his game and just recently had a 2 point game against the N.Y.Rangers . His stats for the season are : 26 gp , 4 goals , 10 assists , 14 points , and 26 pims. . Worth mentioning is Ivan’s +10 .

Shaone Morrisonn , the 19 year old defenseman is making good progress with the Baby Bruins . Shaone has been playing solid defense and is starting to show more offensive skill . He does get some power play time . Recently , Shaone was recalled by the Boston Bruins and played steady defense . He was returned to the Baby Bruins and continues to play solid . His stats. for the quarter are : 25 gp , 2 goals , 7 assists , 9 points , and 40 pims. . Shaone has played very well for such a young defenseman.

Andy Hilbert , the 21 year old former U. or Michigan forward is having a good sophmore season with the Providence Bruins no jinx here . Didn’t make the big club out of camp as the Boston Bruins are strong down the middle . He is the first line center and plays on the power play . Andy was recalled by the big club for 2 games and played well hitting the post twice in game 1 . Andy’s stats. for the quarter are : 25 gp , 14 goals , 10 assists , 24 points , and 32 pims. . The only minus to Andy’s play is in his own end where he must improve his -5 . Many young forwards must learn the art of defensive play in their own end .

Martin Samuelson , the 20 year old Swedish Import is making good progress in adapting to the smaller ice surfaces in the AHL . His decision to come over the pond and play here was a good one . Martin will probably be a year or 2 project . The scouting report on Martin was he was not much of a finisher but he has responded well . He has also flashed his ample skating skills . Martin’s stats. for the quarter are : 27 gp , 9 goals , 4 assists , 13 points , and 17 pims . Again , Martin’s -7 is of some concern but on the positive side he kills some penalties .

Lars Jonsson , the 20 year old Swedish Native returned to Sweden after having a good traing camp for the Boston Bruins . I thought he would have no problem graduating to the SEL and gaining meaningful ice time . The SEL is a defensive pro league which translates into little ice time for young offensive defensemen . Lars made the decision to play for Bjorkloven in the SEL 2 . No stats. are available and it is imperative for Lars to gain meaningful ice time to further his progress .

The Bruins are comparative to the Oakland As of Major League Baseball . They are more concerned with developing talent than paying high priced free agents . At this point it seems to be working .