Russian Super League Tour 26: Box Scores and Prospect Recaps

By Eugene Belashchenko

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League Tour 26

November 25th, 2002


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Spartak Moscow vs. Neftkhimik
Nizhnekamsk 2:2

1:0 Chernov 3 (Bezrukov, 8.10 pp.), 2:0 Klevakhine 4
(Boichenko, Bezrukov, 47.

08), 2:1


4 (
50.51), 2:2

1 (52.13).



Moscow vs. Amur
Khabarovsk 2:2

0:1 Krivokrasov 7 (Naumov, 12.45), 1:1 Kudashov 6 (Semak, 14.35,
pp.), 2:1 Vorobiev 6 (Kartsev,
18.29), 2:2 Krivokrasov 8 (Peresyalov,
Naumov, 30.08).

Prospect Notes:

Dallas Stars prospect Alexei
and 2004 NHL Entry
Draft prospect Alexander Ovechkin
missed the game due to various
injuries. The first strained his
knee and the second had an operation
on his thigh muscle.  Boston Bruins
prospect Vladislav Evseev
made his Super League debut with
Dynamo as a replacement for the
missing Ovechkin.  He looked good,
though at times lost, unable to
fully read his teammates. This was
to be expected because Vlad never
played at the Super League level
before.  This marked the completion
of his return from a recurring
shoulder injury last year. Welcome


Avangard Omsk vs. Ak Bars

Kazan 4:2

1:0 Ryabikin
5 (Patera, 12.10), 2:0 Prokopiev 5 (Sushinski,
Zatonski, 29.53), 2:1 Zinovjev
6 (Gogolev, 33.54), 2:2
Kvartalnov 9 (Korolyuk, Benda,
38.47), 3:2 Prokhazka 6 (Perezhogin,
39.31), 4:2 Prokhazka 7 (Patera,
57.14, pp.)

Prospect Notes:

Boston Bruins prospect Sergei
had a great game. He
created several scoring chances, but
his linemates could not convert. 
The reunited Zinovjev – Gogolev
former Spartak Moscow duo seems
to be working out for Ak Bars.
Montreal Canadiens prospect
Alexander Perezhogin played on
Avangard’s Czech line with Prokhazka
and Patera. He did not look out of
place with the two – though they
mainly played with each other
instead of with him – same as last
year with Dallas Stars prospect
Artem Chernov, who was on the fourth
line with Calgary Flames prospect 
Sergei Tarakukhin


Molot Prikamye vs. CSKA

Moscow 3:2


Potapov (Sokolov, Gareev – 13:27)
1:0; Savchuk (Khaidarov, Zherebtsev
15:59) 2:0; Semin (Leschev, Mukhachev- 29:14) 2:1; Mukhachev (Pronin,
Drozdetsky – 52:45) 2:2;
Dubrovsky (Tatarinov, Gareev
– 56:00) 3:2;

Prospect Notes:

Philadelphia Flyers prospect
Alexander Drozdetsky
and St.
Louis Blues prospect Alexei
played on the same line
and worked well together as a speedy
tandem. Drozdetsky assisted on
CSKA’s game tying goal, but then
cost them the game when called for
high sticking. The team fought off
the penalty by let in a goal just
six seconds after getting back on
even.  At one point in the first
period they got a rush on Svoboda,
but the goalie held his ground. 2003
NHL Entry Draft prospect
Alexander Kosmachev
made his way
back into CSKA’s lineup from an
injury, but got level by the
American wells – who bent the glass
support on the boards with the force
of the collision!  2003 NHL Entry
Draft prospect Nikolai Zherdev
was once again his impressive
self. On at least two occasions he
set up his linemates – mainly
Leschev, and they could not convert
on breakaways. 


Togliatti vs. Mechel Chelyabinsk 1:0


Gardiner (Pavlov – 30:03)

Prospect Notes:

Detroit Red Wings prospect Igor
had another solid
game and almost scored on a couple
of occasions around half way through
the first period and early in the
second. .  Washington Capitals
prospect Alexander Syemin was also
playin well – though he was mainly
trying to set up his line mates, who
failed to convert on his nice


Petersburg vs. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 3:2 OT


Guskov (V. Antipov 6:19) 0:1;  V.
Shakhraichuk (A. Kovalenko, V.
Butsayev 21:42) 0:2; N. Syirtsov
(32:19) 1:2; Akifiev (A. Gelchenyuk,
A. Galushkin 42:20) 2:2; Kozyirev (Makarov
63:15) 3:2


Severstal Cherpovets vs. Soviet
Wings 6:0


Gusev – 2, 19:02

(1:0). Torgaev – 1 (Shinin),
29:00 (2:0). Berdnikov – 8 (Gusev,
Kuznetsov), 40:44 (3:0). Kuznetsov –
6 (Berdnikov, Kalyuzhni), 44:43
(4:0). Berdnikov – 9 (Kuznetsov ,
Kalyuzhni), 47:29 (5:0 – pp.).

– 1 (

50:08 (6:0 –


Prospect News:

2003 NHL Entry Draft prospect
Alexander Shinin
scored his
first point of the season. New
Jersey Devils prospect  Maxim
seems to be coming
around. He scored his first of the
season and played a solid role in
Severstal’s win in the previous


Salavat Yulayev vs. Metallurg
Magnitagorsk 1:1

Goals: Baranov– 2 (Gorshkov),


(1:0), Ignatov – 2 (Davyidov,

), 17:52 (1:1 –


Prospect News:

Philadelphia Flyers prospect
Konstantin Baranov
scored his
second goal of the season – both of
them have been with Savalat Yulayev
since the November transfer period.
It seems he is responding very well
to the responsibility given to him
by Salavat’s head coach Sergei
Nikolayev. He probably the best
forward on the ice for both teams.