Eminger, Gordon, and Paetsch all make Team Canada

By Seth Keggins

It was announced on Monday that Caps defenseman Steve Eminger, along with fellow picks F Boyd Gordon, and D Nathan Paetsch will be officially part of the WJC Canadian team. Steve Eminger has been a force thus far in scrimmages against other University teams as he feels he has something to prove to General Manager George Mcphee.

“This tournament plays a pretty key factor if I do stay there (in Washington) all year,” Eminger said last Friday.

“This tournament does play a big role if I’m staying up or not.”

Washington had signed him to a three-year contract on Oct. 7, which was the deadline for NHL clubs to sign their teenagers or return them to junior hockey. However, a lot of times players can be returned to their junior teams after the tournament. But, Steve wants to make a point to the Capitals management that he deserves to come back to Washington, to help out the mediocre Caps blueline. He is also learning the game and this tournament will only make him a better player positionally for Washington upon his return.

“I didn’t really know or didn’t think that positional play was that big of a deal,” Eminger explained. “I used to kind of run around and get out of position. They’ve taught me to stay more positional and wait for help to come.”

“The way they position themselves, you do a lot less and you’re more effective.”

And Eminger hopes to be more effective for the Capitals come late January.
Steve Eminger, Carlo Colaiacovo, and Nathan Paetsch are expected to anchor the blueline for Team Canada in the tournament.