Russian Juniors win in exhibition game

By Max Dostoevsky

DEC.18 (RHI) — Russian National Junior team played an exhibition game this afternoon in Moscow’s Setun area against Superleague’s Soviet Wings. Rafail Ishmatov‘s side led by the line of Nikolai Zherdev, Alexei Kaigorodov and Sergei Anshakov won, 2-1, in a tough fought contest.

Last year’s gold medal veterans Fedor Tyutin, Denis Grebeshkov, Igor Grigorenko, Yuri Trubachev and Alexander Polushin were rested by head coach Ishmatov, but are likely to play on Friday in Russia’s last exhibition contest against the same opponent.
Guelph Storm’s Leonid Zhvachkin missed the game, as well.

Russian Nationals scored twice in game’s opening eight minutes. At 3:23 Evgeny Artyukhin powered his way to the crease and tapped in a loose puck past Wing’s netminder. At 8:16 Anshakov scored off a nifty three-way play involving both of his linemates.

RSL outsiders played a spirited game despite it’s exhibition status. The Wing’s boasted several newcomers in a try-out status playing in the game and trying hard to impress. Among them figured former Canuck and Devil Vadim Sharifjanov, who was arguably the best skater for the Moscow side.

Wings got its loan tally with less than eight minutes left to play. Dmitry Shandurov scored with help from Canadian Jan Dlooty.

Late in the game U-20 Captain Vladimir Korsunov engaged into a fight with veteran Igor Malykhin.

After the contest Ishmatov mentioned to Russian daily “Sport-Express” that he expects the elder players (Grigorenko, Perezhogin, Tyutin, Grebeshkov) to be team leaders rather than younger but highly touted Alexander Ovechkin and Nikolai Zherdev.

Game summary:

RUSSIA – SOVIET WINGS MOSCOW 2-1 (2-0, 0-0, 0-1)

First period:
1. RUS 3:23 Artyukhin
2. RUS 8:16 Anshakov (Kaigorodov, Zherdev)
Second period:
No scoring
Third period:
3. SW 52:18 Shandurov (Dlooty)

Russia: Medvedev. Koltsov – Korsunov, Ovechkin – Taratukhin – Perezhogin, Kondratiev – Korneev, Zherdev – Kaigorodov – Anshakov, Lyubushin – Fakhrutdinov, Golovin – D.Semin – Volkov, Petrov – Shinin, Shishkanov – Pestunov – Artyukhin.