Rangers News and Notes

By Evan Andriopoulos

As the season churns much like the seasons past did… at least with the rash of injuries a few new faces have had the chance to lace em up. Among them Rico Fata has earned a regular shift with varying amounts of ice time. Fata has shown glimpses of that speed that has kept him in the spotlight. Fata has registered 2 goals and 5 points in 27 games. Jamie Lundmark on the other hand has seen the bus to and from Hartford on several occassions. Lundmark who has not really found a place in New York under Trottier has registered 2 goals and 4 points in 22 games. It appears he is again to be Hartford bound for more icetime.

Joel Bouchard whom the Rangers signed in the offseason has played regularly with the injury to Dale Purinton and Sylvain Lefebrve. Bouchard has shown excellent puck movement and passing skills. He has 4 goals and 7 points in 18 games with the big club. John Tripp has made the most of his ice time registering several solid body checks, energy and 2 assists in 6 games. Billy Tibbetts appeared in 11 games not registering a point but showed signs of being the needed banging winger that New York so desperately needs. Tibbetts has since returned to Hartford but is likely to make a trip back to New York later in the season. Gordie Dwyer picked up from Tampa earlier in the season has seen a regular shift(5 mins of ice) on the Rangers 4th line. Dwyer known more for his fisticuffs has registered 1 assist in 12 games and 41 pims.

In Hartford, former NHLer Dixon Ward leads the charge with 40 points in 35 games. He is followed by John Tripp(21 goals) and Nils Ekman who missed much of the season with injuries (12 goals and 27 points). Also of note, Mike Mottau has returned from injury. Mottau has registered 17 points in 29 games on the blue line and was unfortunate to have been injuried when New York came calling for help. Ofcourse that call was answered by Joel Bouchard among others. Pat Aufiero is struggling in Hartford having registered just 6 points and being oft-injured. More is expected of Aufiero and he needs to start producing now to stay in Hartford. A little help was added when the Wolfpack acquired Jay Henderson from Providence. Henderson a banging winger has a couple points in 3 games and may even get a look in New York later this season.