Marty Guerin, A.K.A, the Franchise

By Jason Shaner

By: Kevin Kasel ([email protected])

If someone was to ask you hypothetically, “if you started your own NHL franchise, and you could pick any player, who would you started with and why?”

I would start with Mario Lemieux. Why? Great presence on the ice, very aware of his surroundings and can single-handededly turn a game around and is always a threat to score when the puck is on his stick.

Now pose the same question, but with a twist, “if you were to start your own USHL franchise, and you could pick any player, who would you start with and why?”

There are several names one could come up with, Ryan Potulny(Lincoln), John Snowden (Lincoln), Dominic Vicari (River City), Wes O’Neill(Green Bay), Jake Taylor(Green Bay), Dan Venard (Green Bay), Brandon Polich (Sioux City), Jacob Micflikier(Sioux Falls), Jason Moul (Sioux Falls), or Chase Watson (Cedar Rapids).

One I would highly consider is Marty Guerin of the Des Moines Buccaneers. Marty is the team leader, not only in goals scored, assists and points for the Buccaneers, he is also the team captain. As team captain, Marty leads by example. He let’s his actions do the talking on the ice. Marty is willing to lay down to block a blast from the point with time running down in the period.

If there was a statistical category for this, Marty would probably be in the league lead … penalties drawn against the opponent. I saw in one game alone, three penalties drawn against his opponent in a single game. His ability to get around an opponent at the blue line has caused several defenders to trip, hold, grab, hook or whatever it takes to stop Marty from a clear breakaway on the net-minder.

I asked the question to a current Buccaneer about starting your own NHL franchise, who would you start with. His response was this, “if I did it in five years, it would be Marty Guerin. Because he is the franchise on the Des Moines Buccaneers. That’s what we call him, that’s his nickname. So it would be Marty Guerin.

Sticks down and heads up in the corner. _X_