Sedin-Sedin-Weinhandl, a great success.

By pbadmin

HV 71 (Home) vs. MoDo (Away)

Before the season many “experts” said that MoDos defense was an uncertain card, before the game against HV 71 MoDo had only let 10 goals past in 7 games! The Sedins line is not only the best offensive line but defensive as well, much because that they almost spend all the time in offensive zone. After 7 games the line has still not let any goals against with even strength.

The first period against HV 71 was quite even; the Sedins line created one big scoring chance but Daniel did not manage to beat Kari Takko in the net. In the second period MoDo played better and 4 minutes into the period Henrik fed Mattias Weihandl with an opening pass.

Weihandl deked Takko but he hit the post. But Weinhandl got his revenge after a disordered situation in front of the net. He picked up the lose puck and fed Henrik with a pass, Henrik with an open net made no mistake. HV tied the game before the period was over.

The third period was, just as the previous two, an open history. Great skating, intensity and goal tending. With 2.24 left of the game, Samuel Pahlsson won a face-off in offensive zone, he was captured by HV 71’s defense and knocked to the ice. But with great strength he manages, lying down, to lift the puck past Kari Takko. MoDo won 3-1 after an EN-goal.

HV 71-MoDo 3-1 (0-0,1-1,0-2)

First Period:

No scoring

Second period:

0-1(07.27) Henrik Sedin (Mattias Weinhandl)

1-1(13.54) Joacim Esbjors (Antti Tormanen/Oleg Belov)

Third period:

1-2(17.36) Samuel Pahlsson

1-3(19.43) Andreas Salomonsson (Tommy Pettersson/Samuel Pahlsson)

Shots: 23-24

MoDo (Home) vs. Leksand (Away)

This game had only one good period, the first. Still no goals were scored. The teams played defensively and spent most of the time in neutral zone. The second period was big
“neutral-zone-mess”, the teams did only mange to get 7 shots on goal, together.

26 seconds into the third period the Sedin-line, unusually invisible in the first periods, scored to give MoDo the lead. Daniel deked the goalie after receiving a pass from Henrik.

MoDos Tobias Lundström was 22 seconds from a shotout when Leksand tied the game after pulling their goalie. The game went to OT but still after 5 minutes the teams where tied.

A new rule in SHL says that no games can end with a tie. If a game is tied after OT, the game goes to penalties. One penalty each, until the teams are separated.

(A regular time win=3 points. OT/Penalty win=2 points. OT/Penalty loss=1 point)
After 8 penalty shots each, the teams still weren’t separated. Daniel Sedin missed a penalty in the first round, Henrik one in the sixths and Weinhandl one in the fourth. (Weinhandl scored in the third round). MoDos ninth penalty shot was coming up; 24 year old Conny Stromberg entered the ice. Stromberg had not played anything during the game and is fighting for a spot in the lineup. He is very skilled offensively but has big problems defensively. Stromberg skated slowly, slowly towards the puck. He skated all the way to the left board, the audience where all wondering what he was doing. Then he skated to the right boards, still very slow. He kept on skating toward the goal, he skated past the goalie and from almost no angle at all he flipped the puck past Reinhard Divis. The most irregular penalty shot I have ever seen.

Tobias Lundstrom saved Leksands ninth penalty and MoDo won the game 2-1.

“Now I can die, I have seen everything”

(MoDos backup goalie, Marko Leinonen, about Stromberg)

MoDo-Leksand 2-1 (0-0,0-0,1-1,0-0,1-0)

First period:

No scoring

Second period:

No scoring

Third period:

1-0(00.26) Daniel Sedin (Henrik Sedin/Mattias Weinhandl)

1-1 (19.38) Per Lundell (Anders Carlsson/Jens Nielsen)


No scoring

Penalty shots:

2-1 Conny Stromberg

Shots: 18-19

MoDo (Home) vs. AIK (Away)

AIK is the big surprise in SHL so far, especially their 32-year old forward Mats Lindberg who has 10 goals in 8 games. MoDo has had troubles against AIK earlier but still MoDo was the favorite in the game. The game had barely begun when Canadian defender Francois Bouchard took a shot from the blue line; the puck dived between the goalies legs. AIK fought bravely and was the better team during the first period and at 18.37 Rikard Franzen tied the game.

In the second round AIK kept on working and after 14 minutes they took the lead. Late in the period MoDo got the chance to play in Power Play. Magnus Wernblom tied the game 2-2 after deflecting Francois Bouchard shot into the back of the net. In the third period MoDo and the Sedins got back into the game and halfway through the period Henrik Sedin scored 4th goal of the season to give MoDo the lead, 3-2. Just 2 minutes later the Sedins struck again.

The line had great pressure in offensive zone and suddenly Francois Bouchard skates towards the goal, Daniel makes a drop pass and Bouchard slaps the puck to the top corner, a beautiful goal.

MoDo-AIK 4-2

First period

1-0(00.51) Francois Bouchard (Tommy Pettersson)

1-1 (18.37) Rikard Frazen (Fredrik Krekula)

Second period

1-2 (14.00) Fredrik Krekula (Erik Andersson/Stefan Gustavsson)

2-2 (19.40) [PP] Magnus Wernblom (Francois Bouchard/Tommy Pettersson)

Third period

3-2 (11.13) Henrik Sedin (Daniel Sedin)

4-2 (13.12) Francois Bouchard (Daniel Sedin/Henrik Sedin)

Shots: 29-23

The Sedin line stats:
GP G A P PIM +/- Faceoff %
Daniel Sedin 10 6 6 12 2 15 N/A
Henrik Sedin 10 4 8 12 4 14 55,02%
Mattias Weinhandl 10 5 6 11 4 12 N/A

Some thoughts about the Sedins progress so far.

The new combination Sedin-Sedin-Weinhandl is huge success, Weinhandl is pretty much the same kind of player, and he thinks hockey the same way. Still the Sedins has another dimension. The line has an extraordinary ability to create scoring chances out of nothing. They can keep the puck in offensive zone longer than any other line in SHL. And as I mention before, they play very well defensively as well, take a look at the plus/minus stats +15/+14/+12. Top 3 in SHL. Daniel has once again proved that he is a great goalscorer and playmaker. 6 goals+6 assists after 10 games. If he keeps on producing in the same way that would make 30+30 during the regular season to be compared with his 21+21 last season.

Henrik has 4+8, which would make 20+40 to be compared with last seasons 12+22.