Team Sweden tournament review

By pbadmin

Team Sweden U-16 tournament review
4 nations tournament in Finland

Sweden vs Czech Rep 3-4
Sweden vs Finland 0-4
Sweden vs Russia 3-2

1. Russia, 6p
2. Finland, 5p
3. Czech Rep, 4p
4. Sweden, 3p

Short Review
The very talented U-16 team won only one game in the tournament, but
on the other hand it was against a very strong Russian team.
Frölunda’s youngster Fredrik Pettersson was the best scorer on the Swedish team with 2 goals
in 3 games. Pettersson is along with Alexander Sundström the most hyped players on this team and these
two were the most penalized players of the tournament. Pettersson had 31 PIM and Sundström 39.

It is still too early to tell how good this team will become next year and in the future but there are a lot of talented players
on the team that we can and should expect a lot from.

Five players to watch in the future
Alexander Sundström (Björklöven)
Fredrik Pettersson (Frölunda)
Johan Nilsson (MoDo)
Nicklas Bergfors (Södertälje)
Niklas Öhman (Sollefteå)

Team Sweden U-17 tournament review
4 nations tournament in Russia

Sweden vs Russia 0-7
Sweden vs Czech Rep 0-3
Sweden vs Finland 4-2

1. Russia, 6p
2. Czech, 6p
3. Finland, 3p
4. Sweden, 3p

Short Review
The Russian team was very strong and defeated both the Sweden and the Czech Rep. 7-0.
But oddly enough the Russian’s had major problems against Finland and lost
1-4 actually.
Team Sweden scored only 4 goals in 3 games which of course
isn’t good enough. The goals were scored by forward Anton Axelsson, defenseman Richard Demén-Willaume both
from Frölunda. MoDo’s young defenseman Emil Hansson and Mora’s top prospect Martin Gudmundsson scored a goal each as well. The Swedish U-17 team is a very talented one with several player that should become quality players in the
future. There’s a good mix of players with strong defensive abilities and players with fine offensive games.
There is however a lack of natural goal scorers like Almtuna’s Johannes Salomonsson.

Five players to watch in the future
Daniel Larsson (Boden)
Johannes Salomonsson (Almtuna)
Richard Demén-Willaume (Frölunda)
Mattias Hellström (MoDo)
Martin Gudmundsson (Mora)

Team Sweden U-18 tournament review
5 nations tournament in the Czech Rep

Sweden vs Czech Rep 2-1
Sweden vs Finland 5-2
Sweden vs USA 3-4
Sweden vs Russia 4-3

1. Russia, 9p
2. Sweden, 8p
3. Czech Rep, 8p
4. USA, 5p
5. Finland, 0p

Short Review
Team Sweden without the injured star, Robert Nilsson, had a very good tournament
defeating even Russia. Top prospect Johan Fransson
was finally healthy and played but the promising two-way defenseman didn’t register a point in any of the games. The huge sniper, Linus Videll,
had 3 goals and 2 assists and was the leading scorer on the team. Videll is a player that might very well climb up the rankings for the 2003 NHL Entry
draft and perhaps even get drafted in the first 3,4 rounds.

Frölunda’s Loui Eriksson (also expected to get drafted) scored 3 goals and an assist and MIF Redhawk’s wonderkid
Carl Söderberg scored 3 goals. Former NHLer Willy Lindström’s son, Liam Lindström,
stood out as well despite not scoring a single goal.
Goalie Christopher Heino-Lindberg proved once again
that he is to be Sweden’s #1 goalie in the WJC-18 later this spring
after a strong performance and a save percentage of 94.7.

Five players to watch in the future
Johan Fransson (Luleå)
Christopher Heino-Lindberg (Hammarby)
Liam Lindström (Mora)
Carl Söderberg (MIF Redhawks)
Ola Svanberg (HV 71)

Team Sweden U-19 tournament review
5 nations tournament in the Czech Rep

Sweden vs Czech Rep 1-2
Sweden vs Finland 0-3
Sweden vs Switzerland 2-0
Sweden vs Germany 3-0

1. Finland, 10p
2. Sweden, 7p
3. Switzerland, 7p
4. Czech Rep, 5p
5. Germany, 1p

Short Review
Not an excellent tournament by any means but
the win over Switzerland was quite impressive.
Defenseman Thomas Skogs demonstrated some of his offensive
skills scoring 3 goals.

Overall the team doesn’t look very strong, but there are some players
that should become key-players in next year’s U-20 championships.
I’m refering to players like Alexander Steen, Dragan Umicevic, Tobias Enström and Andreas Valdix.
Goalie Joakim Lundström was pretty steady in net and considering he almost made the WJC-team this
season he will be a lock next year.

Five players to watch in the future
Andreas Valdix (MIF Redhawks)
Alexander Steen (Frölunda)
Dragan Umicevic (Södertälje)
Tobias Enström (MoDo)
Fredrik Johansson (Frölunda)