Time Capsule: A Look Back at the 2000 Draft Part II of III

By Geoffrey Ussery

In the first article of the series, the Stars’ first five selections as
they are
viewed now were compared with how they were seen immediately after the
Now, it is time to look at the last half of the Stars selections from June
2000 in a similar light. Without further ado, let us step right in with the
Stars’ sixth pick.

Fifth Round Pick, #139 Overall-Ruslan

“Chosen strictly on the advice of scout Evgeny Larionov, thus
little is known about his play. He does skate well, and has a pro build, but
little else is available.

Overage mystery man intrigues the Stars with his skills and

Bernikov, who was labeled a ‘dead player,’ around the time of the draft
turned into a decent, but not close to spectacular, prospect after two years
time. The reason he had to be suggested is that despite the size and talent,
Bernikov played with very little heart. After two years of development,
is still extremely raw and may not be suited to the NHL despite the physical
gifts he is
bestowed with. Now the leading scorer with the poor Soviet Wings, Bernikov
gotten a little attention in national circles, competing and scoring a goal
Russia at the recent Sweden Hockey Games. Bernikov’s play should be drawing
attention of the Stars, but the huge question mark is whether he has the
head to
make it in North America. One would think that his size and skill level
make him a sure bet as an NHLer but as has been seen in the NHL countless
desire is also a huge part as well. If something has snapped in him since
draft, he is definitely worth bringing to North America, but it is unlikely
he will be a huge scoring threat at the NHL even should he be able to make
it. Most likely, he will spend
his career as a higher-end player in the Russian Superleague.

Fifth Round Pick, #162 Overall-Artem

“Is a very nice passer and playmaker who centered ’00 first
rounders Pavel Vorobiev and Alexei Smirnov in Russia. Has good speed to go
his passing, but must gain weight and play better in traffic to make the

Another skilled European that is a good value this late.”

Two long years ago, Chernov was looking to be the Stars’ steal of the
draft. He had just come off an excellent season for Metallurg Novokuznetsk,
registering 32 point in 44 games. The previous knock on Chernov was that he
produced only because of his line mates, but even after losing the players
him, he continued to produce. His future seemed very bright. Then, Chernov
made a single
decision that may have really hurt his chances at a career with the Stars:
signed with Avangard Omsk. Omsk was a deep team with a good deal of talent,
that meant Chernov’s formerly prominent position as a top liner was gone. He
slotted in on the third and fourth lines instead, and his numbers fell
than a brick of lead in water. Slowly, that huge promise started to fade as
less important role and lower ice time did not give that spark of brilliance
chance to be stoked into a roaring blaze. Chernov’s future certainly is not
totally shot, but the two years with Omsk cannot have helped his standing
the organization. Another player who would likely bring a game similar to
of Kapanen’s to the NHL, Chernov may be better off spending some time in
America to see if there is any bigger hopes for him because of that huge
two years ago. Chernov is not one to write off, but his plummet makes his
chances much slimmer, especially with Tereschenko’s progress and Kapanen’s

Sixth Round Pick, #192 Overall-Ladislav

“Another forward with excellent speed and agility, and is
at this point for NHL play. Will continue to play for one of the best hockey
clubs in Europe, and should develop nicely as a result.”

One of the two picks that have shown nothing at all in two years, Vlcek
has been
little more than a jorneyman in the Czech Extraleague. He has been traded
times in the two years and demoted to the second tier league twice. Any
skill he
may have shown in junior has not translated to the pros in the Czech
Not every pick can turn into a gem, and because he was only a sixth round
the lack of development is not a huge loss to the organization. It is safe
say the chances of him making it to the NHL are practically nil.

Seventh Round Pick, #219 Overall-Marco

“Is a player that will bang, draw penalties, and do the little
things for his team. He does have good speed as well, but needs to develop
touch around the net and add muscle to his frame.”

The other of the aforementioned two underwhelming picks, Tuokko was not
expected to be a big
scorer. As an energy player in the SM-Liiga he will prove to be of the most
worth when all is said and done. Tuokko is not really an NHL caliber player,
even though he is a great team guy and hard worker, his place just is not
the Stars. He is another pick that did not come to fruition, but the Stars
cannot have magic with all their Finnish selections.

Seventh Round Pick, #224
Overall-Antti Miettinen

Shows very good skills
in the offensive zone, as he has shown the ability to score the
“pretty” goal when opportunity arises. Does have good speed and puck
control, along with a decent frame, but must become more consistent in his
in all three zones.

Shows the offensive skills to be a late round steal.”

That last line sticks out now. Shows the offensive skills to be a late
round steal.
It’s as if there were a crystal ball around at the
Another prospect that is arguably the second best selected, even though he
the last player picked, Miettinen has rounded out into a very complete and
dominant player in the fires of the SM-Liiga. He is very dependable
not Jere Lehtinen dependable, but he is a guy you can throw out on the ice
critical situations without worrying too much. Miettinen has also shown very
complete offensive skills, being able to set up and score goals equally
sometimes in very flashy fashion. An added bonus for a player of his ilk is
Miettinen is not afraid to throw his body into people. Producing the last
years at or around a point per game in a league where scoring at that rate
near tops, Miettinen has evolved into a complete superstar in the SM-Liiga.
also has consistently been a part of Finnish national teams over the last
years, making a big mark at the World Championships of last year with former
Stars prospect and current Star Niko Kapanen. For a seventh round pick,
certainly are high after the eye-opening performance this Finn has produced.
Miettinen is being rumored to be coming to North America next year in some
circles, and if he should, he will likely contend for a spot at camp. He
to be another gem found by Finnish scout Kari Takko.

Now, all of the picks from that year have been profiled, so stay tuned
part three of the series, an overall analysis of the 2000 draft as it stands
after the years of development.