Update Of Boston Bruin Prospects 1-5 at Third Quarter Point Of The Season

By Bob Willwerth


Pro. Bruins GP 56 G 22 A 14 PTS 36 PIM 33

Bos. Bruins GP 8 G 0 A 1 PTS 1 PIM 2

Martin is having the kind of rookie season the Bruins hoped for . While making the transition from SEL2 to North America Martin has shown his fine speed and better goal scoring touch than first thought . Martin played 8 games in Boston while not scoring goals as he has on the AHL level he flashed fine skating skill and an agressive nature . He is a future Bruin .


Pro. Bruins GP 51 G 31 A 28 PTS 59 PIM 93

Bos. Bruins GP 12 G O A 3 PTS 3 PIM 7

Chosen as Hockey’s Future prospect of the 1/4 at the 3/4 point of the season Andy has taken over the Providence goal scoring lead and is tied for second for points . Given the chance Andy will be a solid NHLer . Andy also played in the AHL All Star game and participated in the skills competiton .


Pro. Bruins GP 46 G 4 A 14 PTS 18 PIM 83

Bos. Bruins GP 11 G 0 A 0 PIM 8

Shaone is progressing in his rookie season . He has been called up several times by Boston replacing injured defensemen . The young defenseman is playing in all situations in Providence . Still needs seasoning and to add bulk in off season .


Bjorkloven SEL2 GP 9 G 3 A 4 PTS 7 PIM 10

Leksand SEL GP 21 G O A O PTS O PIM 12

The real mystery talent of the prospects , Lars displayed good skills in training camp . He began the season in the SEL 2 Bjorkloven playing well and showing offensive skills . Lars moved up to the SEL where he injured a knee but is now back playing . Proving unproductive in the SEL Lars is playing in a defensive minded league . Boston will attempt to sign Lars after the season .


Prov. Bruins GP 15 G 4 A 9 PTS 13 PIM 22

Bos. Bruins GP 41 G 6 A 11 PTS 17 PIM 30

Mirroring Boston’s season Ivan started hot in training camp and continued to play well early in the season . Ivan slumped and was sent back to Providence . Recently , Ivan was recalled to Boston and sent back to Providence again . Ivan is not the finisher the Bruins had hoped for but is still young . Ivan is playing solidly but not at an Allstar AHL level .