HF Catches Up With Ottawa Senator Anton Volchenkov

By Eugene Belashchenko

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4th, 2003) Anton Volchenkov has had quite a rookie season with the Ottawa
Senators.   He has secured a spot in the lineup right out of the training camp
and has been getting significant ice time on Ottawa’s second or third defensive
pairings.   The rookie defenseman did not play in the game against the Capitals
due to a shoulder injury he suffered a couple of weeks back.   Hockey’s Future
correspondent Eugene Belashchenko caught up with Anton in the club’s locker room
after Ottawa’s 5:1 victory over the Capitals.


Anton, how did the shoulder injury happen?

A. Volchenkov: The injury occurred when I was
trying to lay a hit and the shoulder did not land the right way. 

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How is the injury healing?

A. Volchenkov: The doctor tells me that
things are getting better and the injury is on the mend.   I might, maybe,  play
in the game against Toronto.   But this is only a possibility, we will see how I
feel game day.  [unfortunately, Volchenkov was not cleared to play in the
Toronto season finale on April 5th – EB]


The playoffs are coming up, are you looking
forward to the experience?

A. Volchenkov: Yes of course! I was in the
playoff before in Russia, when I played for the Soviet Wings.  I expect it to be
a battle to the end.


What’s the team’s mood heading into the playoffs?

A. Volchenkov: The team’s mood is very
enthusiastic. The team is heading into the playoffs, as one of the league’s


How do you feel yourself with the Senators?

A. Volchenkov: I feel very good.  Always
hanging out with the guys.  Communication is difficult, but I keep at it. 


How is your grasp of English developing?

A. Volchenkov: I understand most things, but
talking is still difficult for me.


Have your heard that your former Russian club,
the Soviet Wings have been knocked out of the Super League back to the Upper

A. Volchenkov: Yes, of course I’ve heard
about it.   A very unfortunate situation occurred.  We raised the team a couple
of years ago to the Super League. Then last year we made it to the top eighth,
and played in the playoffs.  It’s very, very sad.  


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